CCM vs. SG Smackdown: "The Blood of Jesus"

CCM vs. SG Smackdown: "The Blood of Jesus" October 1, 2013

I got to see Wayne Watson perform his song “The Blood of Jesus” live in concert the other night, which I had never heard before. He told the story of how it was inspired by him trying (unsuccessfully) to picture two biker boys he met walking into heaven. This video contains both the story and a performance of the song, very classily done with just Wayne on acoustic and a little choir behind him. I think it comes off a little Ken Medema-ish, which is a good thing.

I thought that while I’m polishing off that concert review (with pictures!) I’d set this song up with a song of the same name from our own The Collingsworth Family. While Watson’s “Blood” is more of a story-song with black gospel overtones, this is straightahead white gospel/inspo material. I personally enjoy both very much in their own way. See what you think…

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  • Lydia

    My vote goes straight to the Collingsworths, hands down. I have to admit to not finding Watson’s voice very enjoyable, but I think it’s a little more than that. I really demand a memorable melody, and his “Blood of Jesus” simply will not stick in my head. I couldn’t remember how it went two seconds after it was over.
    I know what you mean about Ken Medema, though. Here’s Ken on “Nothing But the Blood”!/search/song?q=Ken+Medema+Nothing+But+the+Blood
    And here he is with a black-sounding backup choir on “Lord, Listen to Your Children.”
    To my mind, Andre Crouch’s “The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power” is a stronger _song_ than either the song the Collingsworths sing or Watson’s “Blood.”

  • I actually agree on all counts (except I like Watson’s voice). I was thinking of saying the exact same thing about the Crouch song but wanted to see if anyone else said it first. 🙂

  • Just listened to both songs. With only one listen neither song IMO was very memorable. However, sometimes it takes more than one listen for me. Just not sure I will bother though. Used to love WW back in the 90’s. I like his voice just fine.

  • Love the Andre Crouch song.

  • AndrewS.

    Of these picks, I’d go with the Collingsworth Family. However, their version is cut short on the Gaither video from which this comes.
    Also, several listeners think that the Collingsworths (ala Kim, the songwriter) used Crouch’s “The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power.” However, they used an old hymn with the same name. Not sure if there is any connection to Crouch’s version, but the melody & lyrics in the Collingsworths’ adaptation.

  • Interesting—I knew the melody wasn’t exactly the same, but it did recall the Crouch song to mind. I’ll have to look up the hymn they were using. Thanks!