Most Popular Song Categories?

Most Popular Song Categories? October 15, 2013

While looking at some lyrics on a song interpretation site, I noticed in the side bar a list of “popular song categories.” These are the kinds of songs people on the web come looking more most frequently on this site. This is what I saw:
Songs About Being Sorry/Apology songs
Songs about Not Being Good Enough
Songs about Bad Relationships
Songs about Suicide

Songs about Death
Songs about Being a Loser
Songs with Religious Themes
Songs about Sex
Songs about Mental Illness
Friends, this list tells me it’s a sad, sad world out there. But I find it interesting that “religious themes” is among these categories. To me all of the categories taken as a piece pretty much sum up the condition of man—suffering, sorrowing, sinning and dying, and through it all, searching for something beyond themselves.
Just some food for thought as you go about your day.

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