Poll: Your Fifth Slot Gaither Vocal Band Pick

Poll: Your Fifth Slot Gaither Vocal Band Pick January 17, 2014

GVB 5th Man Collage
After a Christmas lull, Bill Gaither re-generated the buzz surrounding the GVB’s lineup shuffle when he announced the hire of Adam Crabb this past week. But the fifth slot, it seems, is still up in the air, despite early rumors tapping Travis Cottrell as a shoo-in. Adam is flexible enough to sing lead or baritone, and no doubt the fifth man will have a similarly flexible range.

Three interesting possibilities are the aforementioned Cottrell, who’s already done some fill-in dates, Joseph Habedank, and Shane McConnell. All three would bring something different and valuable to the table. I hadn’t really considered Habedank before I noticed some buzz around him. He truly does seem to turn whatever he sings into gold, and I would be very, very interested to hear him put his spin on some GVB classics. There are also the perennial standbys Reggie Smith and Wesley Pritchard, but do they have the “X factor” to graduate from trusty fill-in to established member? And what if Bill has an unknown up his sleeve who will blow us all away?
I thought a small poll would be fun to gauge reader interest in the different options. If you have yet another singer in mind whom I haven’t mentioned, please elaborate in the comments!
As for who I personally would pick, that’s tough to say, but I think I would choose Shane McConnell. He just seems the most “GVB-ish,” for lack of a better word.
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  • Tad Kirkland

    Habedank is too SG. McConnell is too Phelps. He would have hired Pritchard or Smith years ago is he wanted them–plus I’d bet he’s going for younger. Cottrell is the best option of this group (if he wants the job).
    Or how about bringing in Benji Gaither to keep everything rolling? I’m assuming it would’ve happened years ago if he were interested. If I were his son, I’d sure jump on that train!

  • WIBBFan

    I admire Habedank’s voice and talents a lot but wouldn’t that be back to 3 tenors again? Seems to me a lower range would add more to the mix.

  • What, as a singer? Naaah, Benji can write a good tune but he doesn’t have the chops. 😉

  • I’ve never thought of Habedank as a tenor myself. He certainly doesn’t have Phelps or Hampton’s range. I’d say he’s a lead.

  • John Elefante

  • Love it. 🙂

  • Evan Miller

    Don’t know what’s going on in Canton Junction to for sure say Shane is a contender. I think Joseph is it, I think he he would be a great asset songwriting wise and vocally. Travis is a contender but if Gaither would pluck from another group, which he won’t do, I don’t think there’s anyone better then Doug Anderson right now, that would be my pick if I was Gaither.

  • Tad Kirkland

    Sure, he could carry the baritone–and possibly the GVB after Bill. Did you ever hear his band from the early 90s I think–Benjamin?

  • JordanP

    Steve Perry

  • Richard Page!
    As long as we’re throwing out names of random washed-up rock stars. 😉

  • JordanP

    Michael Bolton could probably hold down a Gaither ballad, as well. HA.

  • Now I have Michael Bolton singing “He Touched Me” running through my head. Thanks, thanks a lot.

  • John Situmbeko

    Bolton’s voice does have some similitude to that of English. He sure would sound great on “I Bowed On My Knees and Cried Holy.” And English would sound great on “I Can Go The Distance.”

  • Actually, you have a point there. 😉