Going To the Movies?

Going To the Movies? April 5, 2014

If so, I recommend skipping Darren Aronofsky’s soggy, ridiculously extra-biblical if not gnostic hack job on the story of Noah. In the words of Wretched TV, “Uh oh.” Or, “ROCK PEOPLE!” Instead, read  Dr. Brian Mattson’s much-needed and incisive review. Despite some admittedly stellar casting and stunning visuals, the director just couldn’t leave his own political/theological axe-grinding out of it. However, there’s another new movie marketed to Christians that looks much more promising in terms of its message, even if, alas, no Russell Crowe or Anthony Hopkins. The independent film God’s Not Dead did a Facing the Giants last week, opening 3rd in the box office despite its limited 700-theater release.

This film is breaking some new ground in the Christian movie world by making at least a beginning attempt to give young people some of the tools of apologetics—arguments for why they believe what they believe. The premise is that a young college student has been challenged to debate the evidences of Christianity by his overbearing atheist professor, who threatens to fail the student if his peers are unconvinced. There are many (perhaps too many) subplots along the way, plus cameos from Duck Dynasty and the Newsboys. I suppose they were trying to see just how many evangelical cult icons they could pack into one movie!
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yTNW4g2Qm6U?rel=0&w=500&h=315&rel=0 All kidding aside, I’m a hard-core movie buff, and I’m well aware that this is not going to be the pinnacle of acting or screen-writing. If I want artistically compelling Christian film-making, I’ll go watch something made by/about a bunch of Catholics (preferably martyred, speaking French or Spanish). And yet, I think the core message of this movie—that faith needn’t be blind or purely feelings-based—needs to be heard. If even 1% of the young people who see this film are inspired to learn more, that will be a success. And although it sounds like the writers bit off more subplots than they could chew, I have to admit the different stories do look interesting. Sadly, I also read some blabber-mouth reviewers who gave away a couple of the best plot twists, but the flip side is that I’m now more excited about it going in. If you’ve seen it already or are planning to see it too, feel free to leave your thoughts.
Alternatively, you could just go see Captain America: The Winter Soldier in IMAX. Which is totally fine too.

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  • coomercove

    Off work @ 2 PM. Captain America: The Winter Soldier @ 3. Final Four games after the movie. It’s gonna` be a good day!

  • Just remember: If they’re shooting at you, they’re bad.

  • God’s Not Dead looks HORRIBLE…

  • Well, parts of it were. But I set my expectations low enough going in that other parts of it were a pleasant surprise. The best actress in the whole thing was uncredited, which I’m not happy about. The third act did disintegrate pretty badly. That part really let me down because I had thought based on reviews that it might be the best, but it was actually kind of a mess.