Monday Morning Humor: Who's On First, the Sequel

Monday Morning Humor: Who's On First, the Sequel October 13, 2014

Look for a special guest appearance by Billy Crystal, and then I don’t know who shows up at the end to try to straighten everything out:

"Thanks for proving Lily's point. What color is the sky in your bubble-verse?"

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  • Me

    Enjoyed the clip. I always look out for Monday Morning Humour to share with our children. This was very funny! Mind you, the original Abbot and Costello one is even better! Classic!

  • Oh, thank you! I wish I could find out who’s playing Costello on this skit, but he and “What” seem to be nameless/faceless.

  • Me

    Sorry, have no idea…. 🙁 Am very uneducated in TV and movies! Ha!

  • Justin

    Costello’s part is played by Steve Higgins, Fallon’s announcer. “What” is played by AD Miles, Fallon’s head writer. Miles is frequently shown on-camera in Fallon’s sketches, including the Timberlake/summer camp sketch and the Ragtime Gals bit that has been done multiple times, including with Kevin Spacey.

  • Thanks Justin! Funny how nobody applauds for “What” when he comes out because he has no face recognition, but he’s really The Man behind the scenes.