Southern Gospel Lookalikes

Southern Gospel Lookalikes November 17, 2014

[This post has turned out to be quite popular! WordPress tells me it has about 100 hits from Facebook alone. Anyone know whose account? Thanks!]
Let’s have a little fun. Below are four actors I’ve chosen for their resemblance to some of my favorite southern gospel singers. All thumbnails are clickable for a closer look. First, here’s one many fans have been noticing for ages: beloved singer/actor Jim Nabors and Ernie Haase, particularly in his Cathedrals days when his hair was still dark. While the screen cap of Ernie is a bit blurred, the resemblance is ummistakable:

Ernie Haase and Jim Nabors better comparison
L: Jim Nabors R: Ernie Haase
But here’s one I’ll bet you never thought of before: TV host Jimmy Fallon and Scott Fowler. Something about Fallon’s smile just put me in mind of Scott. They have similarly likable faces.
Scott Fowler and Jimmy Fallon comparison
L: Jimmy Fallon R: Scott Fowler
Here are two more where the resemblance may be looser, but still noticeable. First, film star Matthew McConaughey and Doug Anderson. This never occurred to me until quite recently because Matthew’s look is typically much scruffier (longish curls, 5 o’clock shadow, shirt optional), while Doug is the epitome of clean-cut. However, McConaughey cleaned up for his role as a devoted father in the new sci-fi epic Interstellar, and I think it’s a giant improvement. Because now he looks more like Doug.
L: Matthew McConaughey R: Doug Anderson
*brief pause to admire the Lord’s handiwork*
Okay, and finally, this is some character actor who guest-starred on a show I watch, and I immediately thought “Hey, that guy looks like Michael Booth!”
Michael Booth and Frederick Weller comparison
L: Random Actor R: Michael Booth
Your turn now! Can you add any more southern gospel doppelgangers, celebrity or otherwise, to the list?

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  • gina

    Thanks for another interesting and unique post! This may be a little of a stretch here, but how about Peg McKamey Bean and Judge Judy? 🙂

  • Tad Kirkland

    Oh yeh, Lauren Talley and actress, Dreama Walker (can’t figure out how to post a pic here from my phone).

  • Tad Kirkland

    Kim Ruppe and Connie Britton

  • Tad Kirkland

    Joyce Martin & Giada

  • I was stopped by a random stranger last Friday at a mall in Charlotte. She said I looked and sounded like Pastor John Hagee. It’s not the first time that comparison has been made.

  • Wow, all of your ideas are good, but that one’s really impressive! Here’s a tiny URL for folks to compare:
    BTW, for anyone looking up some of the female doppelgangers that have been suggested in the thread so far, be it known that I cannot vouch for the (im)modesty of the ladies’ appearance in what you may find!

  • Wow! Er… is that a compliment?

  • Chuck

    Your “random actor” is Frederick Weller

  • Oh, I know, otherwise I couldn’t have found a picture of him! I just thought it would be funnier to call him a “random actor” since nobody would recognize the name. 🙂

  • Sherrill Woconish

    I have always thought my husband Ray Woconish ( bass singer) , favored a young Al Pacino . So much so that I can’t help watching The God father !

  • Hey, you’re right! Isn’t he handsome? 😉

  • That’s not a stretch at all. 🙂

  • Absolutely agree!

  • Harriet

    I’m a bit late to the party here, but every time I see Jason Crabb I always wonder how many people tell him he looks just like Robin Thicke…
    (you can see better likenesses under google images…this was one of the links that I could attach here!)

  • Oh dear! Well, you’re right, and I guess it’s a compliment in one sense because Thicke is handsome, but ugggggh, his public image! No comparison with Jason there!

  • Harriett

    I know, right?! That’s EXACTLY why I’ve never told Jason (and I’ve had many an opportunity)!!! 😉