NEW CHURCH LOOKING FOR A MAGIC MAGICIAN (Link to Craigslist) They’ve obviously been burned by magicians of the non-magic variety in the past… Read more

I love MonsterQuest and I’m not ashamed to say it. If I had the time to fly up to Washington and spend a week in the woods looking for Bigfoot I would do it in a heartbeat. Going on my own MonsterQuest just sounds like too much fun. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, then you haven’t lived, or at least you’re not watching quality television. MonsterQuest is a show that comes on The History Channel and seeks to find… Read more

Interesting story over at CNN about a Canadian pastor who is coming out with a new book, “The Day Metallica Came to Church.”  (Spoiler Alert- Metallica didn’t actually come to his church.) If you make it down to the end of the article, the guy seems a little obsessive with object lessons- however, there’s something I love about his message.  In my ministry this summer, I have been trying to get my teenagers to look for God in unexpected places-… Read more

The good news is that no matter who your pastor is, he’s not this guy. Read more

What happens if you take it upon yourself to take a well-known corporate logo, and tweak it to fit your needs? You might just get sued for trademark infringement… A Wisconsin priest created a “God Squad” logo out of the easily recognizable “Geek Squad” logo that falls under Best Buy’s corporate umbrella. When asked why he created the logo, he responded that “he uses the logo as a creative way to spur discussions and bring his faith to the community.” (emphasis mine)…. Read more

(AP Photo/Adam Lau) NEED PRAYER? CALIF. DRIVE-THRU TAKES ORDERS TO GO by Nardine Saad LOMA LINDA — Joyce Kim needed a sign to remind her to pray. She found it a few months ago along a stretch of rural road where she and hundreds of other Southern California commuters drive home every day. A 4-foot placard reads “Need Prayer?” Shawn Heggi, a self-appointed Christian spiritual counselor, sits in a blue tent in the field nearby. Now Kim tries to stop… Read more

Fear destroys dialogue.  It negates any possibility for civil conversation and rallies the troops to one extreme or the other.  It draws a line in the sand and dares you to cross.  And it dominates virtually every important American conversation. Somewhere along the line, we have abandoned community and open-minded discussion for the satisfaction of “winning” the conversation.  While we are guilty of stifling genuine conversation in a hundred different ways, I want to focus on what role fear has… Read more

Sure, Jesus may have said that “even the Son of God doesn’t know the hour” that he will return, but that was because He didn’t have a copy of The Bible Code to figure it out with. Thankfully a woman in Colorado does, and through her mathematical and theological genius she has deciphered the exact date that our Lord and Savior is going to return. Apparently, He’s coming back next year. May 11th to be exact. Which is a good… Read more

First things first, this is NOT a political blog. Second, yes that is Jesus’ face on Uncle Sam. If you like, you can call him “Uncle Jesus”, and yes he does want you. We’re not professional theologians, just a couple of guys whose experience as Christians has been, for good or bad, definitively American. So who is the American Jesus? Well that all depends on who you ask. In America you can have Jesus however you want. We’ve got bearded… Read more

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