Boz Tchividjian on SGM

Boz Tchividjian is a law professor and founder of GRACE, an initiative that responds to abuse in the Christian environment.

Last night, Together for the Gospel broke their long silence with this statement about the SGM lawsuit. They initially posted it on their Facebook Page as well, but critical comments abounded (including my own) and the post was soon removed. However, my friend Bill Kinnon saved the thread, so all the original comments will remain viewable. (TGC added their own statement this morning, with comments disabled.)

While reading the comments on the T4G post last night, one in particular stood out to me – Boz’s:

Why is no mention made that the heart of this lawsuit is about a systematic church effort to discourage and eventually prevent the families of children who were allegedly (and repeatedly) sexually victimized by church officials from speaking out and reporting to law enforcement. This lawsuit is less about the abuse and more about an institution that took steps to protect itself and it’s reputation over the victimized souls (and bodies) of little ones. Omitting such a fundamental fact from this statement is a fundamental error.

Why no mention that CJ Mahaney was actually the Senior Pastor at one of these churches where all of this horrific abuse allegedly occurred AND that discouraged these families from bringing this matter to the God ordained civil authorities? Omitting such a fundamentally important fact from this statement is a fundamental error.

This lawsuit was dismissed for one reason and one reason only…expiration of the statute of limitation. Isn’t it tragic that the reason why this suit was dismissed – taking too long to file – was the very objective of these church leaders when they discouraged these precious souls from stepping forward.

Many of these men have not hesitated to write (or tweet) on the Penn State horrors, gays in the Boy Scouts, and Universal healthcare, but have been conspicuously quiet on this issue…just doesn’t sit right with me (and apparently a lot of others). And when they finally speak, what is omitted speaks more than what is said.

What these men don’t realize is that their silence is pushing a large group of precious souls farther and farther from the Church…and our glorious and gracious God. [sigh]

Boz Tchividjian, J.D.

Executive Director, GRACE

These statements broke the silence…and said nothing.

Thus, the silence remains deafening.

What about you? What do you think of these statements (or non-statements)? I’d love to hear your perspective.

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  • culturalsavage

    I really love what Boz had to say. He has some extended thoughts on his blog: Very relevant to this discussion.
    As I made clear in my comments about the original FB post, what is being said, and what is being ignored, and what is being glossed over lead me to believe I cannot trust these men to shepherd souls in a way that does not have their (albeit probably subconscious) agenda behind it. Simply put, I can not trust them because they have responded to spiritual, physical, even sexual assault with spin and non-talk statements that don’t say anything (as you said). For all their verbose words, all that is being told is that they will continue to protect the interests of their own.
    This isn’t the gospel they claim to be together for.

  • findo

    On the one hand, I get the desire to stand by a long-time trusted friend – who wouldn’t want to? But I don’t think that precludes being able to say “we trust you, we believe you, but there are some serious allegations, and you need to step down until it’s clarified”

  • zachhoag

    findo yes, that, in the very least. this is unacceptable in any organization or group, not to mention the church.

  • zachhoag

    culturalsavage aaron, right on, and thanks for that link. i am praising God for Boz at this point.