What the H is Wrong with Evangelicalism?


There have been lots of conversations recently drawing out strong evangelical statements and, in the process, revealing exactly what might be wrong with the whole darn thing.And let me say straight away, I consider myself an evangelical. I know there are some who would question that identity, but that is precisely the point. Something has gone awry in the conversation around evangelical passion, mission, and faithfulness when it begins to mirror the polarizing, culture-war conversation in … [Read more...]

Some Questions About the Gay Cake


By now, everyone's aware of the latest culture war click-frenzy, which we can all officially dub Arizona Cakegate, regarding a bill in the Grand Canyon State that gives business owners (especially those of the wedding cake or crappy DJ variety) the overt right to deny service to gay couples.And we're all aware of the predictable response from conservative Christian culture warriors, to the tune of chalking up wins for religious freedom if the bill should survive veto (despite sensible … [Read more...]

Gay Marriage & the Slippery Slope


Even though much has already been said on this subject, it never ceases to amaze me that the primary argument from conservative Christians against legalizing gay marriage is that it is a slippery slope leading to all kinds of other legal marriage arrangements. Like polygamous/polyamorous marriage. Or worse, pedophiliac marriage. Or even worse, bestial marriage.Yep, if the gays get married, then we're only 10 years away from some guy marrying Mr. Ed.In addition to how offensive that … [Read more...]

5 Good Reasons to (Temporarily) Leave the Church


In my recent response to Christianity Today's take on Don Miller (and, by some degree of separation, Rob Bell and Brian McLaren), I said, Farewell.And while I intended that farewell to be somewhat ironic (playing off the famous Farewell, Rob Bell from conservative Calvinist gatekeeper John Piper) and nuanced, some commenters took it as a harsh line in the sand toward Don. They saw Don's statement about no longer attending church as a sign of transition. He is just making his way out of the p … [Read more...]

The Roman Catholic Steven Furtick?


While this falls outside the evangelical Celebrity Christianity trend, the tendency toward abusing position and power in the church in order to serve selfish and excessive desires knows no denomination. The story of John Myers, Archbishop of Newark is heartbreaking (and infuriating). It's the kind of thing the current Pope seems intent on rooting out. And we evangelical-type Christians should be intent on the same. This does not honor Jesus. For generations, this blond brick Catholic elementary … [Read more...]

Love & Leadership in a House of Cards


I write this having completed all the chapters but one in House of Cards Season Two.The finale is going down tonight, and I cannot WAIT.While much digital ink could be spilled about this season, and the series as a whole, I thought I 'd offer a couple thoughts about the strange exploration of love and leadership that dominates the S.02 storyline. With Frank and Claire officially "in" the White House, the strategizing, manipulating, dealing, and backchanneling is at an all-time high. And … [Read more...]

Farewell, Don Miller

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 12.33.05 AM

So Don Miller wrote a post about how he doesn't really need to go to church anymore. And the response was so ginormous that he posted a follow up to splain himself and get everyone to simmer down. And obviously that didn't work, because after millions of corrective tweets and comments, the Parse blog over at Christianity Today responded this week with what amounts to an official evangelical breakup post.Basically it said: Farewell, Don Miller.Oh, and then Don called the whole thing a … [Read more...]

Talking About My #Dexter Book on Newsworthy with Norsworthy


Today, I had the opportunity to talk with Luke Norsworthy on his podcast about my book, Nothing but the Blood: The Gospel According to Dexter. Have a listen: … [Read more...]

The Bible is NOT Inerrant (But It IS Eschatological)


Growing up, I was taught to believe - firmly, absolutely - that the Bible is God's truth.While my Charismatic family didn't quite put it in these words, what they meant was that the Bible is inerrant. Without error in the original autographs. Verbally and plenarily inspired such that every word of it is, in fact, the Word of God. This, after all, is the conservative evangelical bedrock, and my family were conservative evangelicals (even though they spiced it up with Jesus-Movement, … [Read more...]

A V-Day Proposal


Valentine's Day is the day in Christian culture when people post photos of their "honey" on "date night" or opine about true (Christian married) love on their blogs or share stuff about the REAL St. Valentine or otherwise act kind of obnoxious about having the right kind of romantic relationship and the right kind of faith.It's our own version of the Hallmark holiday that is careful to moralize or educate while "celebrating."But I have a proposal.What if, instead of being so … [Read more...]