The Mars Hill “Non-Compete Zone” in Seattle


Here's a graphic showing how large the area is that ex-MHC pastors would be prohibited from ministering in if they signed the non-compete agreement at Mars Hill (upon pain of termination). With all the Mars Hill campuses and ministries, the answer is: LARGE. Like, uproot your whole life large. Like, sell your house and say goodbye to your neighbors large. But hey, that's empire business.HT goes to Stephanie Drury on this one. … [Read more...]

#FFFF: Hannah Ettinger

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This week's #FFFF isn't a submission - it's an excerpt from a recent post written by Hannah over at Hemant Mehta's blog about the New Calvinist movement and the SGM scandal. It's so informative, even prophetic - so I had to make it the Free Form Follow Friday this week. FOLLOW HANNAH! Here's the excerpt: The fallout from this has been fascinating, but it’s all evangelical inside baseball and pretty confusing if you’re not familiar with that world. As someone who spent ten years in SGM and left s … [Read more...]

The Non-Compete-Driven Church (i.e., Empire Business)


For quite a while now, I've been arguing that influential movements within the American church have gone off the healthy, Jesus-centered rails and entered into the realm of empire business.I've explored two main categories for this phenomenon - Celebrity Christianity and Controlling Christianity - along with what I believe to be the solution: a deeply-rooted Creative Christianity (though you'll see more of the "solution" stuff at The Antioch Session). And honestly, the hits just keep on … [Read more...]

Breaking Wesleyanabaptist: A Story of (Resistible) Grace


This post was first published at A Deeper Story.The senior pastor pulled me aside and, in his infamous dramatic baritone, directed me on how to lead the small group.“I need you to emphasize reprobation,” he said. “I believe it’s essential to understanding the gospel. And these people are way too soft when it comes to the absolute sovereignty of God. I’m a supralapsarian, you know.”The rigid small group structure of this Reformed Baptist church was such that each group had one leader a … [Read more...]

No Virtual Reality: Praying With Our Bodies [KrisAnne Swartley]


There are two realities (maybe more?) that we live in these days - virtual and material. I am certainly not the first to take note of this, but it bears repeating. Sometimes the virtual world of social media, emails and texting seems more real than the material world in which my body exists. I walk into a restaurant and see the glow of screens as people share a meal together, but fail to look at or interact with each other in that moment. As they walk in the door at 3:45pm,I ask my kids how … [Read more...]

Ecclesial Agriculture [Fr. Tony Bleything]


The American church needs tree farmers in the city.Want to know why?Because when trees are planted the environment is sustained. Once trees are removed in order to make room for some other vegetation (i.e. corn), then the earth must be plowed to make it ready for planting. This process of plowing, planting, and harvesting leads to erosion of the soil. Depending on the area, this process of plowing, planting and picking can take place about ten times before the earth erodes, and once it … [Read more...]

The Smell of a Place [David Kludt]


I live in a beautiful and diverse neighborhood in northeast Los Angeles. Depending on which way I walk when I step outside my house, I enter either Little Armenia or Thai Town. Some of our favorite local spots are owned by Salvadoran and Filipino families. If I venture out bit further I walk through Koreatown, Little Bangladesh, hipster-filled Sunset Junction, or into the glamor of the Hollywood Hills.This might sound strange, but one of the ways I've recently been coming to notice and … [Read more...]

Testimony Evangelicalism [John Hawthorne]


Having recently come through Holy Week, I notice how important personal contact was in the Gospel Story. A woman early in the morning who meets one she thought was a gardener and then goes to tell others, “I have seen the Lord!” Two disciples walking the Road to Emmaus who have an encounter with Another and then go tell others how their hearts were strangely warmed.This is actually present throughout the scriptures. The shepherds go and tell others what they saw. So does the Woman at the Wel … [Read more...]

Heaviness [Kelly Green]


There are days I wake up with a heaviness in me, remembering the fight of the night before, the less than holy words, and the aggravation of living in a world that contains people that do not think the way I do, value the things I value, or see the world as I see it.You know, people that are not exactly like me.While longing for freedom, I feel my own postural bent towards oppression, grasping for control, even as I desire to walk alongside.These are the days when my God-given … [Read more...]

Losing an Angelic Troublemaker [C. Wess Daniels]


We need in every community a group of angelic troublemakers. Our power is in our ability to make things unworkable. The only weapon we have is our bodies and we need to tuck them in places so wheels don’t turn! - Bayard Rustin A few weeks back, I found myself sitting in dimly lit basement filled with people I didn’t know, hearing stories about a man we all loved. There were only a few familiar faces in the crowd, but yet it was clear that we all had a much deeper and shared story than was obv … [Read more...]