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Kathy Coffey

Kathy Coffey is a national speaker, retreat leader, and the author of numerous articles in Catholic periodicals, including America, U.S. Catholic, St. Anthony Messenger, and Catechumenate. She has written many award-winning books on women, sacraments, and Catholic spirituality; her most recent book is Mary, a volume in Orbis Books' Catholic Spirituality for Adults series, and her essay, "The Spirituality of Work" was recently awarded 1st Place in its category by the Catholic Press Association.
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Works by Kathy Coffey
A Spirituality Smorgasbord of Styles
Kathy Coffey | September 20, 2011
Benedictine, Carmelite, Franciscan -- What's the difference? Plenty, as it turns out....
The Canaanite Woman Had Spunk
Kathy Coffey | September 13, 2011
Driven by love, the Canaanite woman spoke up and modeled the way....
Bathsheba: Purpose Veiled in Mystery
Kathy Coffey | August 23, 2011
Bathsheba's story prepares the way for a Christ who never manipulated or demeaned......
Lydia: With Briefcase and Laptop
Kathy Coffey | August 16, 2011
Christ loved the poor and marginalized, but the established and successful have their......
Economic Depression: Spiritual Uplift?
Kathy Coffey | August 10, 2011
Catholics bring the lens of faith to bear on every issue, even economics, and find......
Spiritual Ruts, and Ways Out
Kathy Coffey | August 02, 2011
Adopting a small spirit of adventure can help prevent falling into ruts, even if it......
Stress: A Pathway to Prayer?
Kathy Coffey | July 26, 2011
When the last thing you want to hear is some chirpy voice counseling, "Pray," that's......