June 11, 2021

Summer is a beautiful time of year. The sun shines longer, the flowers are blooming, and gardens are beginning to flourish. The Solstice is our time to celebrate. Read more

May 20, 2021

Dealing with bad neighbors is exhausting. You may require a baneful intervention when all other efforts to address the situation are not working. Read more

May 7, 2021

Low energy happens. You may be experiencing a “fallow period” where you need to take a break, rest, and regroup. There may be illness. But there are some things that may give you a magickal boost. Read more

April 14, 2021

Earth Day is a moment to remember our shared responsibility for the environmental state of the world. We celebrate with the renewed purpose of why it is important to care. Read more

April 7, 2021

Violets are “weeds” to some but to me, they are wonderful additions to the yard. Not only are they a beautiful reminder that Winter is over but they offer medicinal, nutritional, and magickal benefit. Read more

April 2, 2021

Chanting is a centuries-old practice found in multiple regions, cultures, religions, and spiritual traditions. It is a form of rhythmic speaking or singing focusing on a word, phrase, or sound. Read more

March 30, 2021

At first, I had no idea who Lil Nas X is or why I should care about his “Satan Shoes.” Then I saw his latest music video and all I can say is “Hell yes!” Read more

March 27, 2021

Upon learning MI GOP Leader Ron Weiser used “witch-burning” in his recent political rhetoric? Yeah. As an actual WITCH, I took exception. Read more

March 26, 2021

When asked by a supervisor during a shift break about her religion, Tammy McCoy answered “I’m a Pagan.” And that is where her troubles with Panera Bread began. Read more

March 22, 2021

People hold a certain image in their mind when they think of a Witch, and let me tell you “Hippie” isn’t the first one. Mention Hekate and the scrutiny seems to intensify as if looking for scary bits hiding in your pockets. Read more

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