Your Wildest Dreams Revealed Series #10: “Mom! My Teeth Fell Out!”

Your Wildest Dreams Revealed Series #10: “Mom! My Teeth Fell Out!” April 8, 2016


You have sent me many dream questions and I’ve been waiting for a rainy day to answer them. Well, it’s raining. So, I’ve shut off my cell phone and hung the Do Not Disturb sign on my door that I “permanently borrowed” from a hotel room. In order to answer them all, I’ve created a dream series because I believe that by reading the answers to the dreams of others we enrich our waking-life. Each section in the series will focus on answering your dream questions.


Today, your wildest dream questions are my main priority.


Your Questions: What does it mean when my teeth fall out in a dream? I dreamed that all of my teeth fell off one by one. I was sitting on the bed with my mom. Mom was busy folding clothes when suddenly I felt one of my lower canine teeth getting loose. Then the other one went loose and then it broke off. I spitted it in my palm and started to cry. Then three more teeth from the lower jaw broke and I said to my mom, “Oh! Now what will happen? They were permanent ones.”

 Finally, the last tooth crumbled in my mouth while I was speaking came out in bits with one piece comprising of half tooth while rest of the pieces were in bits.

What does this dream mean?

Dreams are unique to the dreamer but there are some universal symbolism and signs that may fit many dreams.

Dreams of teeth falling out are among some of the more common dreams/nightmares like missing the school bus, missing a test, or my favorite, finding yourself naked in public.

It depends a little on which teeth are involved (number is also important), but generally it means you are not using good judgement about something in your life right now. If it’s your front teeth, it may mean you’re not thinking very well about something upfront and personal. If it’s your molars, you’re lacking wisdom about something. Look for the play on words like “wisdom teeth”. Your canine teeth often deal with protection like a watch dog.

Our dreams are also a microcosm of our waking world. Are you wearing braces and focused on your teeth shifting? Or are you involved in a shifting change in life that involves communication but your teeth get in the way much like the idea of your words get in the way?

What does your mom mean to you, why do you suppose you lost your defensive canine teeth while with her, are you grinding your teeth in your sleep?

Having loose teeth or teeth that fall out in a dream might represent:



  • Instability in your life and the inability to “sink your teeth into a situation.”
  •    Ambivalence about committing to a decision or direction
  •    Things often in the form of thoughts and beliefs are loosening up
  •  There is a shift in your thought process and you must lose the old thought to make room for the new.
  •  It is difficult to express your thoughts when your teeth fall out because it impedes your speech.



Dreaming of loose teeth indicate that you may feel unsettled concerning older beliefs, or unsure about what to do regarding an important matter in your waking life. What can you do to become more decisiveness in your life?

I hope this helps to answers your incredible dream questions. Ask me anything in the comment box.

Please join us next time for more of Your Wildest Dreams Revealed Series.


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