Gratitude: Your Emotional Game Changer (Part 1 of 2)

Gratitude: Your Emotional Game Changer (Part 1 of 2) November 17, 2016

Gratitude: Your Mind Set Game Changer (Part 1 of 2)

By Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos

“There is nothing more life changing than gratitude. This I know for sure.” ~Oprah Winfrey

What do you feel at this moment? If it is love, anger, fear or sadness? Be grateful because gratitude is an emotional game-changer and fuel for life that activates your Inner-guidance. As a three-time breast cancer survivor whose precognitive dreams diagnosed illness the medical community missed, gratitude played a huge part in my survival. Gratitude is a game changer.

This is wrong—so wrong! No one should have to fight this hard in a hospital to get the tests they know they need to live. I burst into my doctor’s waiting room for the second time in ten minutes.

“That’s it! I’ve had enough! I don’t want any more run-around!” I hiss at the secretary. Her big blue eyes stare in disbelief. Is she astonished at my anger or my return from the ridiculous quest to find my own medical information?

This is not the way I want to start the week after my healthy mammogram. I had burst into this same office that day too, but then it was out of fear after my unexpected visitor “from the other side.” A monk spirit guide dressed in a brown robe and invisible to everyone except me had appeared at my mammography reading, pointed to a spot on the film, and said, “Tell the doctor to look there.”

“Thank you, God.”I thought, pulled the hospital gown tighter around me and repeated the message to the doctor reading the film. He responded with, “You’re healthy. Go home.”

So I did. But, that nlet-go-let-godight another dream warned me of the real nightmare unfolding again in my life. Who could forget monk Spirit-guides dressed in scary circus clown suits showing you a life threatening problem on a mammogram? “Wake-up!” I screamed.

Nightmares are blessings in disguise and a call to action. I immediately gave thanks for the Divine intervention. And, that brings me back to here and now, at the hospital —pissed off and panting! “Thank you God for guiding me! I can’t do this alone,I thought. Then, the power of gratitude flowed into intention which began to manifest results.

“I want an appointment for an MRI and I don’t care if they can give me a false negative. I’d rather sweat through a negative biopsy than have another missed positive mammogram. You have my records on your computer. See who made the last appointment and then make one for me, please!”

The secretary must have pushed a hidden panic button because Dr. Harold appeared.

“I already told you, we don’t write MRI prescriptions here. Who wrote your last one?” he said.

Those words had echoed in my mind as I ran between the lower floor of nuclear medicine to ninth floor oncology to fifth-floor surgery, to find who had written the last prescription. Isn’t that why I have medical records? My dream said an MRI is a matter of life and death. So, I’m not leaving until I have that appointment, even if it means lying on the floor of his waiting room and throwing a full-fledged temper tantrum like a two-year-old brat denied candy.

…..Join us for part 2 of this article.

BIO: Kathleen (Kat) O’Keefe-Kanavos is an international, multi-award-winning author, contributor to Chicken Soup for the Soul, Internationally Syndicated Columnist, TV/Radio host/producer of Wicked Housewives On Cape Cod. and The Kat Kanavos Show. She is a three-time cancer survivor whose dreams diagnosed her illness, is written in medical journals and invited on National Talk Shows like Dr. Oz. Kat lives her life daily in gratitude and grace. Learn more @

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