Mysteries of the World: Brainwave States (Part 3 of 5) VLOG 

Mysteries of the World: Brainwave States (Part 3 of 5) VLOG  March 17, 2017

“There exists a microscopic breed of brain beetle, commonly known as an ‘idea’. An idea desires only one thing: To catch the perfect brain wave.” Leah BroadbyA Dreadful Daughter’s Spells

In part 3 of this 5 part video blog Tricia McCannon shared an amazing and heart-felt story about love throughout lifetimes. Imagine looking for love in all the wrong places, from one lifetime to another. That would be like the 1993 American fantasy-comedy “Groundhog Day” staring Bill Murray… on steroids!

Murray plays a TV weatherman who, during an assignment covering the annual Groundhog Day event in Pennsylvania, finds himself caught in a time-loop, repeating the same day again and again. After committing suicide numerous times, Bill Murray begins to re-examine his life and priorities. Is this an example of art mimicking spiritual reality or spirituality mimicking art?

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In this segment I asked Tricia to go more into detail with us on how she actually does this type of psychic/spiritual work and found out it goes into and beyond the brain.

Tricia:“In simple terms, we have four major brainwave states: Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta. The Beta Brain is the Conscious Mind. Most of us are smart enough that if we can identify a problem that is only stored in Beta, then we will change it. These are things like: exercise more, eat better, get up earlier, conscious set better goals, etc.

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However if the problem exists in a deeper state of mind, like Alpha or Theta, no matter how much we try to change a behavior, it is difficult to do so.

The Alpha mind contains all the subconscious programming for this present life. It is the Meditative or Creative Mind.

The Theta Mind contains all the experiences, past programming and beliefs formed in past lifetimes.

And the Delta Mind contains the Life Contract for the Soul, which I usually do not tamper with because I trust that the Soul made that Contract, along with its Spiritual Guides, from a higher perspective.”

I asked Tricia to explain how she uses this brain wave information to help others in need.

Tricia: “I can go into the Alpha and Theta Mind, discover those unresolved issues from the past, and clear them up. These issues may show up as Vows that we have taken in the past, that were perfect for those lives, but now no longer serve us. These can be Vows of poverty, chastity or obedience, for example, that limit our choices now. Or Vows to not let ourselves love again, or be seen in a public way again, or step into our power again, because the last time we did we experience heartache.

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They can also be emotional or physical traumas, like being unjustly accused or imprisoned, being burned at the stake or hung, or even losing the love of your life in a sudden accident.

I frequently see such injustices done to my clients during the many centuries of the Inquisition where millions of healers were rounded up and accused of being witches. These deeply buried emotional traumas and the beliefs around them really need to be cleared up for these extraordinary people to step forward now in this lifetime, and to feel safe. 

So this is the kind of work I do with people who come to see me from all over the world.”

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The Universe abhors a void and Tricia fills one by filling the void in the hearts of people seeking answers to the age old question concerning love and life.

Join us for Part 4 of this 5 part interview when Trisha talks about the Mystery Schools.

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Have you ever received guidance or information in your dreams which are part of your brainwaves? Please share your answer in the comments.

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