Writing For Success by Bundling Your Assets.

Writing For Success by Bundling Your Assets. May 3, 2017

“It does not matter if you are writing the best uplifting or spiritual message in the world if no one reads it because your message is not reaching your audience.”~Kathleen (Kat) O’Keefe-Kanavos, author, and public speaker.

Here is a tip on how to increase Writing and Readership by “Bundling Your Assets.”

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What is bundling?  A bundle is a group of individual things tied or wrapped together for strength. Industries such as telecommunications, financial services, healthcare, and information dissemination engaged in the practice of bundling because they know there is strength in numbers.

Imagine using the tried-and-true-practice of bundling to promote your writing.

A good sentence is a bunch of selected words that have been bundled correctly. If you can write a sentence you can bundle your message. Bundling your message correctly will increase your social media follower numbers, and if you are a published author, it will increase book sales.

The bigger the bundle the stronger the strength. 

Unfortunately, if you want to be a successfully published author it is not enough to only write anymore. You need reach. Enter-“The Bundle!”

To be a successfully read you must have people read you. To be a successfully published author you must prove to the “publishing gods” that you can connect to your audience. Both require promoting your work. Even if you do not want to conventionally publish your work, you still need an audience to read what you have written, unless you are only writing for yourself.

Writing success is more than putting words on paper. It is putting words in front of the eyes of readers.

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Here is an easy way to accomplish writing success.

If you do not already have one, get a Video Show. It will give you a social media edge by putting your heads above radio by keeping up with the trend of being seen, not just heard. I am a host on New Earth TV and host the Nautilus Book Awards Spotlight Show on The Kat Kanavos Show.

My shows are turned into VLOGS (video blogs) with the attached YouTube link and Spreaker Radio link, which I post on my LinkedIn Blog and my Spiritual PATHEOS blog page.

The Patheos VLOG containing the show link is sent to my guest in a thank-you note for more promotion on their social media pages and to post on their websites as a video promoting their book or message.

This bundling continues to promote me and my message in my VLOG when it is posted on social media.

The bundling grows and strengthens when the Pathoes VLOG is then tweaked and expanded into an article that meets the requirements for publication in my SOUL column of Women’s Voices Magazine which is syndicated to BizAnalytics360 Magazine. These articles are promoted by the magazines, shared on my social media pages and the groups to which I belong.

By doing this I bundle my message and share it many times using the Video Show shared by guests.

Become an Internet TV  host to promote yourself and your entrepreneur-696959__180 Geralt Pixabay FREE No Attribution Requiredarea of expertise while you promote others.

You will be paying it forward while you get much back.

In an industry where 3.5 billion people on the internet are screaming to be heard, you will be heads above them by being heard and seen.


So, just to retrace the bundling steps, I bundled

  •  my Kat Kanavos Internet TV Show
  •  Patheos Blog,
  • show guest thank-you,
  • LinkedIn Blog,
  • two syndicated magazines,
  • and social media pages and groups

If you use this strategy it will bump your message and readership to the next level of expertise for a stronger social media push which increases readership which translates to social media number bumps and more book sales.  This, in turn, makes you more desirable as an author,  guest speaker, co-author, contributing author,  or Webinar Expert.

The bundled posts will be double validation:

  1. proving you are indeed an expert in your field.
  2. you know how to bundle for  social media and SEO reach

You will attract the attention of other editors, publishers, and clients because you are not just talking the talk. You are walking the walk.

Bundling is how the the Dr. Oz Show producers found and featured me as a Dream Expert on the show The Sixth Sense: Shocking Premonitions which was aired during the coveted SWEEPS, aka Nielson Ratings.

The tools for success as a writer, coach, host, and expert are at your fingertips and only a click away. Have fun using them. Now that I have told you how to bundle your success please enjoy watching how to bundle your contents.

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Dear Kat, We’re pleased to confirm that, in partnership with @#WomensVoicesMag, your Article in #BizCatalyst360 is now live on our Site!





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Poster Kathi-Kemper-Naut-Poster.jpgand photo of Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos and Dr. Oz are the property of the author.

About the Author: Kathleen (Kat) O’Keefe-Kanavos-three-time cancer survivor whose guided dreams diagnosed her illness as seen on Dr. Oz, & NBC News, and detailed in her book Surviving Cancerland: Intuitive Aspects of Healing. She’s a Contributing author to Chicken Soup for the Soul, TV/Radio Host/Producer- Wicked Housewives On Cape Cod™, the Kat Kanavos Show, Internationally Syndicated Columnist, and Lecturer who promotes patient advocacy and Spiritual guidance. www.KathleenOkeefeKanavos.com

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