Change: The Story of Our Time (VIDEO Podcast Interview)

Change: The Story of Our Time (VIDEO Podcast Interview) February 12, 2019

“We must make the transition from ‘the love of power to the power of love.’”

~ Dr./Professor Robert Atkinson

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Change is inevitable. We can fight it, or we can embrace it. When we fight it, we are spitting in the wind and will most likely grow wet and weary. When we embrace evolution, we use our memories and knowledge to strengthen our shift in consciousness as we move into the future.

We may think that we are alone in our reluctance to change, but we have company.

As humans, we are creatures of habit. Habit abhors change. We often forget that we are all connected by Interconnectedness of Universal Oneness. On some level what you may feel is what your neighbor feels, too. And, change is as natural as growing out of diapers and donning adult clothing. We cannot hold back change any more than we can hold back our growing feet.

Understanding and accepting change is to understand and accept evolution.

Evolution is not relegated to extinct dinosaurs. It is not a materialistic process seen only from the outside. Yes, our species has evolved from living in caves to living in houses and in some cases mansions. We have evolved from horse and buggies to cars and from bi-planes to jumbo jets, and from passing notes during class to texting.  But, there is more to evolution than what is changing around us. It goes deeper to what is changing inside of us.

What is evolving within our psyche? How are we adapting to the change? As a species we are powerful.

As the dominant species on the earth, it is our responsibility to care for the earth. This needs to be one of the big stories of our time. We must focus on the emergent conscious unity across our species but also across the species under our domain. The story of our change needs to be one of love and creativity.

The world is in a collective evolution of collective consciousness.  

Our human existence is so precariously balanced on the existence of all that is part of the world that whenever one thing gets out of sync, it has a domino effect that impacts existence on all levels of the planet.

Acid Rain! Is it a reflection of our bodies becoming too acidic which leads to illness?  

The impact we have on the planet can be scientifically measured. The temperature and ph balance of the tiniest raindrop can bring on Red Tide that kills everything in our oceans.

It was my pleasure to interview Dr./Professor Bob Atkinson on my Kat Kanavos Video Podcast Show on New Earth TV to discuss and discover a whole new category of understanding evolution and how it impacts everything in our outside world and inner working of self. He described the pivotal moment in our collective evolution grounded in the deep understanding of life’s essential unity and our innate capacity to love.

During the show Professor Atkinson, an award-winning author and member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle and internationally recognized authority on life story interviewing, personal mythmaking and soul-making,  talked about the necessary guidelines in his book The Story of Our Time for the shift in consciousness humanity needs to embrace if we are to survive and transform.

Dr. Atkinson’s VIDEO Podcast is posted at the bottom of the article for your viewing pleasure.

Professor Atkinson said, “We must make the transition from ‘the love of power to the power of love.”  The Story of Our Time defines who we are; we are the storytelling species. Dr. Atkinson continues, “Our time is not just the present moment we are in right now, in which we may feel confusion and conflict; it is the eternal moment, in which the past, present, and future become one.” You can learn more about Dr. Professor Bob Atkinson here


Our love of storytelling began long ago around the campfires of ancient caveman and is still evidenced today on the walls of their caves. They were the story of their time, left for us in the future to live through vicariously. Are you ready to make the conscious shift and be part of the Story of Our Time?

Please enjoy WATCHING Dr. Robert  Atkinson on the Kat Kanavos show:



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