Beyond Dreams, Changes, and Situational Mindsets

Beyond Dreams, Changes, and Situational Mindsets October 31, 2019

What do successful change and situational mindsets have in common? You… and timing. Is time on your side? How often have we asked ourselves, “Now? Should I make the change now, or later? What if it is too soon? Or, too late? What should I do? Help!” Our mindset can limit our decision-making skills.

Timing is a key component of a successful change in life. Without change, there is no future, and without timing, there is no successful change. Are you stuck in a Situational Mindset and don’t know how to change it? Your dreams may hold the answers and be a great help.

According to my Dreaming Healing Radio Show guest Mary Lippitt, there is also a connection between intuition and critical analysis concerning situational mindset. After dedicating the last thirty years of her life to helping leaders be successful, she wrote a book about her in-depth research. During the interview posted at the bottom of this article, she describes in detail how a dream helped her with a Situational Mindset challenge.

We discussed her six steps for successful change and how they can not only be used in the workplace, but also at home, in our living space, and social circles. Once the steps become second-nature in our lives, we can apply them to any situation that is not working to make the changes necessary for success, including personal relationships. Hey, love is big business. Love makes the world go-round.

Everything is built on an organization. Like a clock, our life is built on organizational timing. Our workplace is built on the inner-organization that affects what the workforce feels and produces. This same inner-organization and timing is part of our family and personal life from getting pregnant to raising a family. Relationships are work and are all about timing.

Here are 6 steps to help your “changes” in life, whether business or personal, be successful.  

  • Creative change involves a change of perception. A locked mind cannot make moves.
  • Listen to your customer, child, spouse, or friends. Focus on what they say. Don’t think about your answer while they express themselves. Just listen.
  • Look at your inside-organization. If something is not working at work, home, or in your relationships, look inside the workings. What makes them tick, and how is the timing of that clock off?
  • Improve your performance. Tweak what you do at work and in your home and personal. See if these small changes have a positive result. Then tweak a bit more. Many small changes are more comfortable to adjust to than one significant major change.
  • Focus on People-issues. This is where Situational Mindsets really comes into play.
  • Check your assumptions against the facts of what is going well and what is not. Have you ever heard the saying, “Assume makes an Ass out of U and ME?”

Mary Lippitt has developed a groundbreaking new situational framework in her book Situational Mindsets: Targeting What Matters When it Matters. Her subtitle When it Matters is a reference to “being in the right time at the right place,” a bit different from what we usually think of as being in the right place at the right time. But, no matter how you look at it, it all boils down to the right timing.

So look at your inner-clock. Is it time for a change? What is your Situational Mindset?  

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Mary Lippitt on Dreaming Healing on DreamVisions7 Radio Network

You can learn more about my guest Mary Lippitt, BIZCATALYST360 Magazine Columnist, and founder of Enterprise Management Ltd., @


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