Dreaming Life After Life: The Long Road Home (VIDEO PODCAST)

Dreaming Life After Life: The Long Road Home (VIDEO PODCAST) February 24, 2020

It is not length of life, but depth of life.~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Is dreaming part of your Life Purpose? Why are you here? Can dreaming help us focus on our waking world? And is there Life-After-Life, or is this all there is? The answers may be the shared experiences of others through Universal Oneness. Coronavirus has brought some of these questions to the forefront of our consciousness as voiced by guest Altair Shyam who lives in Japan. He shares his dreaming life and concerns during this interview while Sora Garrett talks about how easy it is to be overwhelmed and lose our natural shine in this fast-paced world. Moving is a change process that can overwhelm us and Sora knows from experience how to move from that chaos to clarity.  

As humans, we resist change, yet the chaos of change creates a new order. Death of the body is the ultimate game-changer. However, there are lesser deaths like moving. The act of moving can tax our emotions, health, relationships, and marriage. How do we survive such change?

The video podcast posted at the bottom of this article is for your viewing pleasure and may help answer questions on life, death, and change.  

It is through the sharing of our stories that we find compassion and expand our awareness of the whole. True stories create the foundation for understanding, tolerance, and inspiration.

Podcasts create a compelling opportunity to tell our collective story to the world.

Dreaming Healing guests Sora Garrett and Altair Shyam share experiences of Life-After-Life that will tug at your heartstrings and leave you with a feeling of renewed purpose.

Dreaming has always been a part of Altair’s waking world.  At an early age, Altair Shyam began having detailed recurrent dreams of his past life as a monk. The vision also relives his death. This lucid dream became a part of his waking world in his present life and led him on a dream-quest in search of the truth. During this search, he experienced the true meaning of life-after-life with the passing of his beloved mother. His spiritual experiences during her death-watch turned his emotional chaos to clarity when a precious pearl simply disappears.

Today Altair, his wife, and young daughter live in Japan near the beautiful ancient temple of Guan Yin and Amitabha Buddha called ‘The Connection to all connections, ’ which he visits daily as a teacher, healer, and mystic who guides the way of love, unity, and harmony for the New Gaia. During this interview, he shares his experiences of being immersed in Divine Mother’s Love with the intention of inspiring you in the practice of lifting the soul from body consciousness to Source-consciousness.

“I have a family, an ancestral family, a human family, and a Light Family. I believe in the unity of all faith, religion and spirituality so have studied and experienced in them all at quite some depth. As a result, I have experienced miracles that seem to cross boundaries and fill my heart and soul.”  Recently there has been a change in his consciousness concerning the Coronavirus. “Japan is now experiencing some of the same health concerns as China. Fortunately, I am high in the mountains and contact with the virus is less.” Sometimes illness is part of our life journey.

Sora Garrett shares Altair’s belief in miracles and spirituality and defines herself as a highly creative & sensitive (HSP) person. “I’ve had practice finding the right balance, which is part of the reason why I love reminding you (and me) to slow down and pay attention to the everyday wonders of life.” This is easier said than done, but Sora walks her walk as she talks about the challenges of moving from her beloved home to a new house due to economic changes in her life. She describes it as growing new wings to fly above the nostalgic memories that tend to weigh us down in sadness.

“It’s easy to become burnt-out from over-giving or giving to the wrong things,” Sora says. She is a life-simplification guide and a “philanthropreneur” who helps people move from overwhelm to overflow. “I’ve called myself a lot of things over the years, but this one stays true. I see the good in people, and the world. I shine a light on what I see by writing about it. This is my passion, and I do it naturally. You have everything you need inside of you. It’s time to celebrate our mutual brilliance.”

Sora believes we’re here to be beacons for the world around us, not to wonder how we can make a difference. She says, “When we show up for one another, calling forth the wisdom that lives within, miracles flow.”

I believe it was a miracle for me to meet these two amazing authors whose stories are in the book Sacred Stories of Transformational Change: Chaos to Clarity, and I thank them for sharing their profound wisdom with us.

Stories have been a part of life on earth since we shared the first one around a Caveman’s campfire. Our experiences are an extension of ourselves. Celebrating triumph over adversity is a sacred story that has withstood the sands of time. The Hero’s Journey, seen in the memories shared by guests Sara Garrett and Altair Shyam never grows old and is passed down from one generation to the next like a priceless family heirloom.


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To learn more stories about how you can move from Chaos to Clarity in your life visit https://amzn.to/379Ez7h

Learn more about the Dreaming Healing guests here:

Altair Shyam- http://www.altairshyam.com/

Sora Garrett-http://soragarrett.com/


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