Unemployed? Don’t Worry! Trust in God!

Unemployed? Don’t Worry! Trust in God! January 17, 2024

Unemployed? Don’t Worry! Trust in God!/Image courtesy of Bing Copyright Free Images

If You are Unemployed, Put Your Trust in God!

Unemployment seems to be on the rise.  Lately I’ve been hearing numerous stories of people who are being laid off from their job.  Losing your job is scary, I know.  I’ve been laid off on several occasions.

The First Reaction is Fear

The first reaction most people have is FEAR.  You wonder where you will find another job.  Or how you will pay your bills if you don’t find a job quickly.  That fearful, knee-jerk reaction leads many people to accept the first job that comes along, which releases some of the fear.

Why Not Let God Find Your Perfect Job!

Unfortunately, many people who grabbed that first job that came along ended up unhappy and frustrated.  It didn’t take them long to realize that this new job isn’t what they really wanted.

But what if there is a better way?  Why not let God find your perfect job!   Philippians 4:6 tells us, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.

One Unemployed Man Chose to Trust in God

I’m reminded of a man who gave testimony at his church and shared that he was laid off from his job right before Christmas. His first reaction was FEAR.  He wondered how he would pay his bills.

Also, he wondered how he would buy presents for Christmas.  And then he panicked, wondering how he was going to tell his wife and kids that he lost his job.

And then he stopped his fearful thoughts and said out loud, “I will not give in to fear!  I know I am an expression of God’s love. FOR ME TO BE UNEMPLOYED IS FOR GOD TO BE UNEXPRESSED, AND THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE.”

He Had Unshakable Faith that God Would Provide

This man had unshakable faith that God would provide.  So he went home and told his wife and kids that his job loss might mean they tighten their belt a little, but they would give thanks to God that an even better job would open up soon.

And he had a better paying job by the first of the year. He and his family said the magic words: “Thank You God for a better job that I KNOW is here for me.”  He understood that GRATITUDE is the key that unlocks God’s Divine Gifts for each of us.

Another Unemployed Man Gave in to Fear and Depression

About a year after this man’s testimony, I turned on the news and they were reporting that a man had shot and killed his wife while in a drunken stupor.  Apparently ONE YEAR EARLIER he had lost his job at Christmas, fell into depression when he couldn’t find work, and started drinking heavily.

These two men both had the same challenge.  One took the High Road, trusting that God would provide, and one took the Low Road, falling into victimhood.  We all face the same challenges.  It’s not the challenge that defines you, it how you deal with your challenge.

God will provide every resource you need to overcome your challenge easily, and if you choose to trust in God, you will overcome them easily.  You make that choice.

A Friend of Mine Couldn’t Find a Job

A friend of mine finished his training as a massage therapist but had a hard time finding a job.  On several occasions, he shared with me his disappointment, thinking he would surely have a job by the time he finished his training.  And now he was beginning to panic.

Why Not Offer to Work for Free?

I suggested that he go to a managed care facility and offer to give free massages to the elderly men and women who lived there.  He could tell them that he just finished his training, and he wanted to practice what he learned while he looked for a job.

Plus, it was a Win-Win Situation for him; he got to practice giving massages, plus he would be meeting lots of people.  Who knew?  Maybe it would lead to a job for him.

He balked at the idea, thinking his time was better spent looking for a job.  I pointed out that he only needed to volunteer a few hours a day, leaving him more than enough time to look for a job.

I also pointed out to him that his actions would trigger the Universal Law of Cause and Effect – what you put out will come back to you.

He Agreed and Turned it Over to God

He finally agreed to give it a try, and I explained that the first thing he needed to do was make this statement: “I KNOW the perfect job is here for me, and I THANK YOU GOD for guiding me to that perfect job.”

So, he stopped by some managed care facilities to offer his services.  And the third one he called on was happy to let him give free massages to the people living at their facility.

He Was A Huge Success!

By the second week, he had people lining up to get his “fabulous massages.”  They told their relatives who came to visit about his “magic hands” and some of them asked to book a massage with him, offering to PAY HIM for his services!

Wow!  He was really getting noticed!

They Offered Him a Job!

After about a month, the managed care facility offered him a job!  Imagine that!  He is so happy that he made the decision to offer free massages.  It led to a job that he loves.  Also, he now has many clients who were relatives of the people living in the facility!

I Suggested that My Student Work for Free

A student of mine who completed her Mortgage Loan Processor training was not having any luck finding a job.  I suggested that she find the company SHE wanted to work for and offer to work for free to put her training into practice.

Also, I explained that she could offer to work a few hours each day, which would leave her time to continue pursuing other job opportunities.

So, she decided to take a chance, and picked the company she really wanted to work for.  They were skeptical at first, but I had coached her to tell them that they had nothing to lose and everything to gain by allowing her to work there.  She pointed out her previous training meant that they wouldn’t have to spend time training her.

The Company Hired Her!

The company decided to give her a try, and after just one week the company hired her!  And she was thrilled to be working for the company that she had wanted all along.

She told me later that the main thing she learned from this experience was to believe in herself, and in the future, she would be more proactive in fulfilling her desires.

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