Achieving Wealth Begins with “Thank You God!” – Lesson 6

Achieving Wealth Begins with “Thank You God!” – Lesson 6 May 27, 2024

Achieving Wealth Begins with “Thank You God!” – Lesson 6/Image courtesy of Bing Copyright-Free Images

Achieving Wealth Begins with “Thank You God!”

Yes, achieving wealth begins with the statement, “Thank You God!”  Psalm 37:4 states:  Delight yourself in the Lord,  and he will give you the desires of your heart.” Many people have a hard time even ASKING GOD for something, let alone THANKING GOD for it before they even receive it.  This could be due to the negative programming they received while growing up.

My parents grew up during The Great Depression, so they had a lifelong worry about not having enough money. Fortunately for me, both of my parents believed in the power of prayer and miracles.

Thanking God in Advance Manifested My First Miracle 

One of my first miracles occurred when I was exhausted after spending months looking for my perfect house.  Yet, once I GOT CLEAR on what I wanted, and visualized my perfect house and THANKED GOD for it, THE VERY NEXT DAY that house appeared for me!  And it was just listed one day earlier – the day I THANKED GOD for finding my perfect house!

When I Say “Thank You God” Whatever I Desire Appears

This has happened over and over in my life.  For example, I spent weeks looking for my perfect car, a two-year-old Bonneville SSEI. And yet I heard over and over that it was such a popular car that a used one was always snapped up immediately.

So, I decided to turn it over to God.  I visualized my perfect model, which was white, two years old, with no more than 20,000 miles on it, and costing no more than $23,000.  I THANKED GOD for my perfect car and released it into His hands.

Within the Week, My Perfect Car Appeared!

A week later, my friend Chip called me from the auto auction.  Apparently, he was there looking for a car for himself, but remembered that I was looking for a particular car.  And he was calling to tell me that MY CAR, a white two-year-old Bonneville SSEI was coming up for auction.  It had 15,000 miles on it, was in perfect condition, and he could probably get it for me for $22,000.  WOW! 

And once again, once I GOT CLEAR on that perfect car, and THANKED GOD for it, it miraculously appeared the very next week, after I had gone to the bank and got approval for a car loan, anticipating that my perfect car was going to appear.

Within the Day, My Perfect House Appeared!

The same thing happened with the second house I purchased and have lived in now for 30 years.  I spent months looking for my perfect house, but nothing appealed to me.  And then I decided to give it to God (why didn’t I do that in the first place?  Duh!)

This time, I didn’t even visualize my perfect house.  I just turned it over to God one night before going to sleep.  When I awoke the next morning, I was given a message to look for my house in a completely different location.  I called my Realtor and instructed her to look in a particular neighborhood, and she exclaimed, “But that’s nowhere near where you told me to look!”

“I know,” I replied.  “But I just have a feeling that this location is the right place for us to be looking.”  She grumbled, “OK, I’ll look there, but I hope it’s not a waste of time.”  I had to laugh at her reaction.  I understood she was frustrated, after spending months looking and not finding my house.  Yet I didn’t think she would believe me if I said that God told me to look in that area.

And sure enough, she called me about two hours later and exclaimed, “Well, Kathy, you were right!  I found your perfect home!  IT WAS JUST LISTED TODAY!  What a great deal!”

Thanking God Manifests Your Desire Quickly!

I could go on listing other incidents in which I THANKED GOD for whatever I desired and received it quickly, only to discover that my desire was miraculously manifested shortly thereafter!

Of course, I now understand that God has set up the Universe to provide to you whatever you think or say your desire.  If you think or say, “We’ll be able to get by,” guess what the Universe brings you?  Right!  Just enough to get by!

Most People Misunderstand the Way God’s System Works

Most  people, misunderstand the way God’s System works.  They are quick to say, “God is probably so busy taking care of everyone else, so I don’t want to bother Him with my needs.  I’ll just ask for a little bit and maybe He’ll have time to provide it without taking Him away from helping others.”

This is in line with the belief many people have that they have to ask God, Who will then personally provide when He isn’t busy.  I know; I used to believe this as well.  This false belief is what holds people back from receiving their Birthright of Wealth and Abundance.

Learn to Use the Password “THANK YOU GOD!”

Unfortunately, since THOUGHTS ARE THINGS, until you wake up to the Truth that God has set up your own personal Trust Fund, available to you anytime if you use your Password of “THANK YOU GOD” to access it, you will continue to struggle, never having enough money to pursue your dreams.

Tell me, are you tired of just getting by?  Isn’t it time that you accepted your just rewards?  Start DREAMING BIG!

This Week’s Course of Action

  • If you are stuck in a belief that God is too busy to meet your paltry needs, think about what you can do to overcome this belief.
  • One thing that worked for me was to go to the Internet and search out stories of people who received miracles in their life.
  • If you are willing to change your negative beliefs about your worthiness to receive wealth and abundance, there is no better way than to immerse yourself in the joyful stories of others who received miracles.  If it happened to them, it can happen to you as well
  • Also, begin to test the system by THANKING GOD for a perfect parking spot.  The first time I did this, the parking lot was packed.  When I made this affirmation, I accepted a parking spot far away from the entrance to the Mall.  As I walked up to the doors, a car pulled out RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE MALL!  That would have been MY SPOT if I had only TRUSTED THE SYSTEM!
  • Now I THANK GOD for a parking spot RIGHT UP FRONT – and get it every time!  This will give you the courage to begin giving thanks for other things.  Little by little, as you begin to receive your desires, you become bolder and ask for bigger and better things – WHICH YOU DESERVE!

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