Achieving Wealth – Gratitude is the Answer – Lesson 5

Achieving Wealth – Gratitude is the Answer – Lesson 5 May 19, 2024



Achieving Wealth – Gratitude is the Answer – Lesson 5/Image courtesy of Bing Copyright-Free Images


Achieving Wealth – Gratitude is the Answer!

Yes, to achieve wealth, Gratitude is the answer!  You are God’s Beloved Child.  I explained that God has created a Trust Fund for each of you that contains unlimited resources.  The way to access these unlimited resources is to use your Password of “THANK YOU GOD.” 

And the more you say, “THANK YOU GOD,” the more Divine Gifts you activate.  Accordingly, this is where that discipline that I mentioned in an earlier lesson comes in. As a result, you can fully activate your gifts, but discipline, commitment, and consistency are required. And you DESERVE to have the Desires of Your Heart!  Proverbs 8:8 states:  “Riches and honor are with me, enduring wealth and righteousness.”

You Can Achieve Wealth Through a Gratitude Journal

The way to do this is to COMMIT to getting up 15-30 minutes earlier in the morning to write in a daily Gratitude Journal. Before writing in the journal, go online and read a Daily Devotional to get you in the right mood, or any spiritual literature that you like.

This is a Gratitude Letter to God. List in this letter everything you are grateful for, plus everything you DESIRE, and state it AS IF YOUR DESIRES HAVE ALREADY BEEN MET.

Does a Gratitude Letter Really Work?

 I’m sure many of you will scoff at doing this.  I admit that I did as well.  As a matter of fact, I was led to perform this daily ritual at a time of my life when my business was failing, and my health was suffering.

I knew some friends who had tried this method, and it sure worked for them!  What did I have to lose, other than a few extra minutes of sleep each morning?

As a matter of fact, I found that writing this Gratitude Letter each morning set the stage for my entire day.  And I began attracting positive things into my life once my mind was focused on positive things.  It really works!

Last year a man in Pakistan messaged my Miracle Queen Revisited Facebook page.  He and his wife ran a pharmacy, and his business was not going well.  So, I encouraged him and his wife to perform this ritual each morning, trusting that Allah/God WANTED him to prosper.

And I’m happy to say that his business is thriving!  It really works!

First, Thank God for Your Gifts and Talents – Paragraph 1

“Good morning, God! Thank You for my peaceful and restful night’s sleep. THANK YOU for all the many gifts and talents that You have given me, which bring me so much joy, and are used to help others as well. THANK YOU, God for helping me make right decisions quickly and easily, with complete confidence that You are always there to guide and direct me.”

Thank God for Your Perfect Job – Paragraph 2

“THANK YOU, GOD for my job! I perform my job to the very best of my abilities each day, and I KNOW my diligence and commitment to excellence is leading me to higher and better things!”

THANK GOD for the earnings that you DESIRE! You may only make $2,000 per month, but your letter states, “I AM RICH BEYOND MY WILDEST DREAMS! I earn $5,000 per month after taxes OR BETTER (Never limit God)! I am free to use this money for my enjoyment and pleasure, and to help and bless others in need, as guided and directed by You. I am DEBT FREE! I am free to invest this money to help it grow!”

If You Own a Business, Use These Words

If you own a business, you want to THANK GOD for your successful business, and for the opportunity to provide good service. You would also want to say that you bless all your clients, your suppliers, and everyone associated with your business.

THANK YOU, GOD for my wonderful employees. I am so grateful to be able to pay them a good salary and help them to achieve their hopes and dreams. THANK YOU, GOD for my company’s monthly earnings of $__________ OR BETTER. And THANK YOU, GOD for the new customers that come in EVERY DAY! THANK YOU, GOD for showing me some new marketing strategies to bring in new customers.

Include Love, Blessing, and Forgiveness – Paragraph 3   

“I love everyone, and everyone loves me. I love myself as well. I bless everyone, and everyone blesses me. I forgive everyone, and everyone forgives me. I forgive myself as well.”

 “THANK YOU, GOD for my perfect health and for my perfect body. My body is fit and trim, perfectly toned and healthy, and I maintain my normal weight at 128 (or whatever your perfect weight is). THANK YOU for the food that I consume. I only absorb the nutritional value of this food and discard that which does not serve this body.”

Thank God for Your Loved Ones – Paragraph 4

“THANK YOU, GOD for my wonderful husband/wife/significant other (NAME). I am so grateful that he/she loves me and always supports me in everything I wish to accomplish, and always takes such good care of me. THANK YOU for my friends and family, and my beautiful dog/cat (NAME).  I treasure all of them.”

Thank God for Your Purpose – Paragraph

THANK YOU, GOD for showing me that I have a purpose, that I matter, and THANK YOU for the joy I experience in living my purpose, and helping others. And THANK YOU, GOD for showing me that I can accomplish all of this, and receive HUGE ABUNDANT WEALTH as well!”

Now Release Your Words to the Universe – Paragraph 6           

ALWAYS end your letter by “releasing it to the Universe,” understanding that God has set up the system to bring back to you whatever you release to the Universe: “I now release my words to the Universe, knowing that even as I speak, Dear God, you are returning these things to me TENFOLD! IT IS DONE! And so it is!”

I Love You God!

(Your Name)

 Your Weekly Course of Action

  • Make a commitment to get up 15-30 minutes early each morning.
  • Read something inspirational to get you in the right frame of mind.  This could be a Daily Devotional, or something else.
  • Write a Gratitude Letter to God, following the outline provided above.
  • After you complete it, READ IT OUT LOUD! When you are writing your letter, your mind will be focused. Reading the words OUT LOUD helps you to retain and lock in that focus, so the words can be more effective.
  • Close your eyes and visualize all the things you gave thanks for in your letter. The more you can SEE it, the quicker you RECEIVE it.
  • Be prepared to modify your Gratitude Letter, as you feel led by God.

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