Inbaal – Children of Earth Interviews

Inbaal – Children of Earth Interviews June 20, 2019

Inbaal is a one-of-a-kind psychic, witch and supermum.

Over the last two decades, this lady has been featured as a witch, psychic and medium in nearly every household magazine and newspaper in the UK, as well as a few further afield.  She has an incredible, loyal and large following of clients from all walks of life and is known for delivering cutting, factual readings for people in even the most difficult situations.  She has never been one to shy away from predictions and suggestions on tough subjects, or from delivering her best authentic insights even under incredible media scrutiny.  She has been featured in Bizarre Magazine, Time Out, Illustrated London, Cosmopolitan, Fate & Fortune, Woman and Home, Alondon Hebrew Magazine, Croydon Advertiser, Woman’s own … and the list goes on.

When I first met Inbaal, we were both in our mid-twenties, perhaps even a bit younger and living in London.  Back then, London was a treasure trove of Pagan and Magical events around every corner.  She was starting out on her career as a professional psychic, and I was working in the Advertising world, very different worlds – but our love for the Mysteries; and our passion for paving the way towards Witchcraft, and the other esoteric pursuits we were involved with at the time being more widely accepted and accessible, brought us together.   For those readers who read Hekate: Keys to the Crossroads, which was a small (and amateur!) devotional anthology dedicated to the goddess Hekate which I pulled together with friends back in 2006- you may be interested that Inbaal contributed a piece about her own personal experiences and dedication to this goddess in there.

Inbaal - Tarot Reader & Psychic in Gipsy Rose Outfit
(c) Inbaal.

Inbaal’s high energy and no-nonsense approach to projects, her support, friendship and wise counsel (even though I did ignore it at least twice at my own peril) were invaluable for many of the projects I was involved with back in the early naughties (ye ancient times!).  Hanging out with her was inevitably always memorable – because she is intelligent, informed and most definitely authentic.   And back then, people used to get us mixed up – which was fun and funny, because I am much taller than her, and she was always perfectly turned out with perfect hair, whereas I always had crazy hair and mud on my shoes!  (And not much appears to have changed on that front!).  Perhaps it was because we were both brunettes, foreign and exotic – and because we were both passionately working towards our respective goals.

In this interview, I asked Inbaal about her work as a media Psychic and her dedication for portraying Witchcraft in a positive light to the British Media. I also probe into how she does it all as a working mum with beautiful four children – and also why she avoided social media for a decade!

Inbaal, Interview for Children of Earth with Sorita d'Este on Pagan Patheos

Sorita d’Este interviews Inbaal

Children of Earth – People who Inspired, Informed or Encouraged me.

Sorita d’Este – You are a successful Psychic working with personal clients and within the media as a writer and consultant today.  Many people who are involved in clairvoyance and other esoteric pursuits say that their own interest started when they were young.  How did you first become aware that you had a gift for psychic work?

Inbaal – I grew up in a very secular household, raised by lefty Israelis who believed in nothing but hard work. We woke up early, went to school, everyone went to work and visited synagogue once a year.

So no esoteric background whatsoever, but I was always a Very Special Girl. That’s what my mum and dad and all the aunties and uncles always told me, and soon enough, my nursery teacher, my first-grade teacher and all the rest joined that chorus. I could read well before I was 3 years old. I understood everything, picked up languages easily and always knew the answer to everything. Everyone in town knew that Inbaal was a very clever girl.

But looking back, there were situations where I’d know the answer, just because I knew it, not through logic or reason. And I’d sometimes dream up new words in new languages, and they would turn out to be correct.

Aged about 5, I used to have a children’s book about Ancient Egypt, and I was enthralled with tales of the Gods. Ra’s journey across the sky, the process of dedicating oneself to becoming a Priest. Around the age of ten, I also developed a slight obsession with heavenly maps and charts and would carry around an atlas!

I wasn’t brought up spiritual, and I had no idea what a Tarot card was until a late age, but I guess the signs were there.

As an aside, I don’t feel that my secular childhood was a disadvantage at all – I still see spiritual matters in very secular, atheist eyes, and my clients know that I don’t go too astral when there are problems to solve. Business issues, medical, divorce – I deal with all my clients’ situations in a very bread-and-butter way, discussing practical, pragmatic solutions, and not ascended masters and twin flames.

(c) Inbaal.

Sorita – You have taught many other people to awaken their psychic ability over the years, through your lectures and courses.  What is the essential skill (or knowledge) someone needs who want to do their own, personal basic divination?

Inbaal – I honestly think, like in any creative pursuit, the most important thing is wanting to do it. If you’re willing to dedicate hours upon hours to learning the cards and practising until you become incredible at it – that is more important than being gifted from birth, and that is more important than developing excellent empathy, or polishing your chakras till they shine, or researching every last bit of Tarot history that you can find.

If you really want to do it – you’ll find a way.

But to your question, I guess you’ll find it much easier if you are open to picking up messages anywhere. The more spiritually open you are, the better results you would get.

So opening and closing your chakras regularly is a brilliant start, allowing the messages to come and listening to them when you’re ‘open’ and attentive.

Similarly, having some kind of spiritual practice, being dedicated to a path, such as following a particular deity, or even Reiki, will prepare you for the mindset required for receiving – and then passing on – messages from any divination tool.

[For more information on the courses taught by Inbaal visit her website – ]

Sorita-  Do you believe that everyone can be a psychic?

Inbaal –  I’m positive that anyone could read some kind of divination tool, with some kind of skill.

Some might find it harder than others, but I see it no different to being musical, just as an example – you might be naturally gifted, or you might have been born completely deaf – there will be an instrument somewhere that you’ll find an affinity with and one day find that you can play it.

So perhaps the Tarot isn’t for you – how about astrology, if you’re more of a numbers person, or perhaps psychometry, if you like feeling things with your hands, or tea leaves, if you like traditional methods?

Everyone has got to have some kind of a psychic gift. I believe so, yes.

Inbaal, in her Witches' Robes and Broomstick (Besom) - She practices Witchcraft
Inbaal, in her Witches’ Robes and Broomstick (Besom) (c) Inbaal.

Sorita – You are also a witch.  Not all psychics would admit to that because witchcraft is often still seen as something dark and dangerous, but you have been very open about it and have over the years successfully represented witches to both the British and international media.  Why do you feel it is important to be open about being a witch?

Inbaal –  I feel it is important to be open about everything!

I’m an over-sharer by nature. I’ve always been upfront about everything. I was a full blown atheist at school and made no secret of it, I never hid my opinion of things and people from anyone, and witchcraft is no different.

If witchcraft is still seen as dark and dangerous, it’s not for lack of trying to demystify it by myself and other witches who have been open in the media.

My view has always been that if the media want to find a witch to interview – a witch, they will find. And I’d rather they find an articulate, clean, knowledgeable witch in me, than a wild-eyed, compromised, halfwit in some side street in Brighton, for example.

Completely apart from that, I love witchcraft. I love the openness, the equality, the Gods, the spells, the tools – and I feel that if I speak about it lovingly, passionately and adorably, perhaps someone watching or reading, will see that witchcraft in itself is not that dark and dangerous in the right hands.

Sorita – Your Tarot reading skills are legendary – and I know that several esoteric practitioners consult you regularly for your insight.  How did you learn to read cards, and which deck was your first?

Inbaal –  Thank you for your kind words. I’ve enjoyed a long and wonderful career, reading Tarot professionally, as a full-time job, since I was 25.  Back when I was 20, I lived in Greece and worked in a shop with a lovely lady who has learned to read cards from her Greek sister in law. In Greece, everyone reads Tarot, or playing cards, or coffee cups or their aunties do. It’s such a marvelous culture.

She used to read playing cards to pass the time, so we’d both check what my dad was up to, what her secret boyfriend was thinking, stuff like that, every day.

When we’d have a big big question, she would do a Tarot reading, always pointing out where she’d see things. And I just picked it up.

She had a Thoth deck, and so on my first visit back to London, I went to Watkins books, I had just an hour before I had to get on a plane to Israel, so I picked up a Thoth deck there and used it until it was all frayed around the edges, and the artwork rubbed off.

I’ve had about 4-5 Thoth decks since, all identical. They have a little retirement village on one of my shelves.

The same shelf houses a few other favourites, the Zen Osho deck that I used for a few years, a couple of Rider Waites, a Barbara Walker deck that I was gifted. But I’m a Thoth girl through and through.

Inbaal is a Medium, Witch and Psychic who has been featured extensively in the Media, in the UK and abroad.
Inbaal in front of the Camera. (c) Inbaal.

Sorita –  I know that when I am contacted by clients who want me to read for them or work something for them, there are times when I get what I refer to as an astral alarm going off signalling “warning”.  When that happens, I decline to work with the client and refuse to enter into a discussion about it.  Do you get this sometimes, and if so – what advice would you offer people who are starting their psychic and mediumship work with clients?

Inbaal –  It’s a difficult question because yes, I also do my best to avoid some clients for a myriad of reasons. But I, unlike you, will negotiate.

Because if someone is insistent, then perhaps there’s a lesson for me there. Perhaps I have some judgements that I need to get over.

So I keep an open mind, but of course, I am human and have my own likes, dislikes and warning bells.

Sorita – We first met nearly 20 years ago now on the London Scene. Back then, we were both very involved in teaching and doing other public events, as part of a new generation who all had mobile phones and the internet, which revolutionised the way we all communicate now.  I remember you as being very much engaged with your mobile phone at a time when I chose to ignore it blissfully.  However, you only recently started using social media yourself – and it is 2019!  Was it an active decision for you to not engage with your fans through social media all these years?

Inbaal –  The mobile phone is precisely half the reason why I didn’t need social media all these years!

My clients, fans and followers have always had a direct channel to me. I reply to all my emails. I have always had a phone number. I’ve always had a postal address and a wide-reaching, functioning website. So anyone minded to get in touch with me, always managed to get in touch with me.

This past decade, when everyone has been involved in social media, I felt no need to dip my toe. I’ve been engaging joyously and frequently on all my other platforms.

Furthermore, I felt that it would be a betrayal of trust, to have a way of checking out clients before they have their reading. As a psychic, I like to start from a clean slate and find out myself what you do for a living or whether you have kids.

The other half of the reason is that the entire USP of social media, the immediacy and the urgency of contact, has annoyed me no end and still annoys me.

I can’t tell you how many readings I had to give, to girlfriends whose boyfriends read their message at 11.21 and hadn’t replied by 11.38. Or those who found their high school boyfriends’ profiles and became obsessed with stalking their wives. Or those who lost their partners to FaceBook’s ‘people you might know’ feature, where they found someone who seemed better on paper. The flaws of Instagram need no mention.

My motto was and still is – ‘no good can come of FaceBook’.

And yet, just like all the mobile phone haters had to get one eventually because reasons, I found myself having to take some steps into social media.

I’m still very alarmed by how much those apps know about me and my contact history, far more than I have given permission for.. And the fact that FaceBook rates my contactability by how fast I respond to messages on its messenger platform.

But it’s a necessary evil, and after a decade of ignoring and avoiding that technology, I now do my best to use it to help me with my work.

Inbaal (left) and Sorita, 2003. This photo featured in Alternative London Magazine, and was taken by a friend of ours J.K.
Inbaal (left) and Sorita, 2003. This photo featured in Alternative London Magazine, and was taken by a friend of ours J.K.

Sorita –  You are also an Astrologer and have written columns for some of the most prestigious lifestyle magazines in the world in this capacity.  Why do you think people today are still so drawn to wanting to know more about what the stars have lined up for them?

Inbaal –  The stars have always been there. They always will be.

They are tangible, ancient and present.

Also, a horoscope is low-risk, because you share that fate with everyone born in your hospital on the same morning as you. So you don’t feel so singled out for disaster or joy!

I think the stars are brilliant. But if you like home truths, go Thoth.

Sorita –  You are mum to a small tribe of your own.  Did becoming being pregnant and being a mother affect your psychic abilities? 

Inbaal –  What a good question!

It affected my empathic abilities.

I am able to see the exact same information as before, but I can relate to different people better, those in situations very different from my own. I can feel what they feel in a more heightened sense, and I can sense more minute detail.

Inbaal is a super-mum and professional psychic. medium and witch
(c) Inbaal.

Sorita – There is a movement nowadays towards teaching children about Paganism and even equip them with some basic psychic and divination skills from a young age.  As a mum, how do you feel about this?

Inbaal –  I think parents are right to share as much as possible with their children.

Christian parents have been teaching kids about Jesus dying for their sins, uninterrupted, for generations now, with no one stopping them and suggesting it was gory or could bring a sense of guilt to a young and innocent child.

I feel that Pagan teachings are gentle and loving, and divination skills are useful and transferrable.

I drive my school-age children every morning two villages away, to make sure that they are at a secular school and aren’t taught any religious content outside of RE (and even then, we’ve had an incident… but I digress).

At home, we have Paganism, Judaism, and Christian chocolate-festivals.

As a mum, I would be thrilled for children to be taught more about Paganism.

Sorita –  What advice can you offer someone parents out there who are self-employed and finding it challenging to juggle work-life balance?

Inbaal –  Wow, what a big question!

First and foremost, your kids are only young for a very short time. There’ll be all the time in the world to work when they are 18 and living in Marbella and not admitting to knowing you in public.

But now when they’re small, and you’re struggling, or if your child has special needs and doesn’t just fly the roost one day, or if there are lots of them, and you’ve been breastfeeding and changing nappies for a decade (high five if so!) – my best advice is Don’t Panic.

Keep a diary with as much space as possible. And a pencil. Every week write all the non-negotiables in the diary, school run, viola classes etc. Then add your own things – your exercise if you do it, your home chores if you need to, your meal-planner if you use one (recommended for saving on shopping and preparing time, ask me more about that in person if you want more advice).

Be gentle. If you had to skip a run because a lucrative client took that time, cross that run off the diary and hope to manage one next week. If the shop is out of Quorn mince, make Quorn chicken instead (based on a true story). Be flexible.

And enjoy your kids! They are amazing.

…You know, the true answer, and my own tip, is get used to sleeping a lot less than what you want to. But it’s not a very inspirational answer, just a very real one….

Sorita – I believe that the future is variable and that the choices we make in the here and now can change the outcome of many things in our lives.   Do you believe that we can change the outcome of a reading if we work actively towards making significant changes, or will the result always be the same?

Inbaal –  Man, I would have a very sad and short career if I believed that the outcome would always be the same.

I’m a witch before I’m a psychic. I’m more passionate about creating the future than I am about predicting the future.

In a reading with me, you would see the future. Then you would highlight the bits you’d rather change, and then we work on finding solutions and ways to improve them. I used to call it Back to the Future. It was so funny in my own head, but it gets fewer and fewer laughs as my clients get younger…

I believe in all my heart that we can change the outcome of readings. Even things that are totally impossible become possible if you apply the right mindset.

When I started out, 20 years ago, media psychic wasn’t a profession. But that’s what I wanted to be, so I went and became.

You can too.

Sorita – What is the single most crucial thing you have learned during the many years you have worked as a professional psychic?

Inbaal –  That every story has two sides. At least.

I have a few ‘pairs’ of clients, two partners who receive separate readings.

Their readings match for the most part, but not in all. If there’s a crisis, I can see his point of view and her point of view, and that took some adjusting for me because my own personality is very black-and-white.

So that was a fabulous lesson, I guess.

Inbaal often readers the Tarot and give psychic readings at Celebrity Parties in London.
(c) Inbaal.


Your favourite book of all time? Bridget Jones’ Diary. Don’t judge me.

Your favourite character from history? Diogenes. Does he count?

Your favourite element? Water of course.

Your favourite food? Israeli pitta, hummus and salad. Ooh and falafel. This could be a long answer actually.

Your favourite number? 3

Your favourite planet? Jupiter.

Your favourite plant? Anything edible and also roses and lilies.

Your favourite stone? Citrine, Tiger’s Eye, Rose Quartz.

Your favourite Tarot / Oracle deck? Thoth.

Your sun sign? Pisces, dreamy and psychic.


Find out more about Inbaal and her work, by visiting her website, where you will find information on her courses, how to book readings with her and a portfolio of her work.

You can also follow her on Instagram, which she has finally joined: – inbaalpsychic

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Sorita d’Este has been experimenting with ways of walking on the liminal since she was a child, exploring along the way many pathways of experiencing magic, mysticism and religion. Her own personal practice integrates aspects of Hellenic (Greek), Egyptian and Hermetic practices with a lived Orphic inspired philosophy, and experience gained in Initiatory Craft, traditions preserved in Italian, French and British grimoires and other contemporary esoteric teachings of the East and West. You can read more about the author here.
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