I’m a Judgemental Bastard

I’m a Judgemental Bastard October 18, 2012

Whenever you assume, you make an… well… you know the rest.

I don’t like the fact that I sometimes jump to conclusions about people. I guess you could really call that “judging people.” I don’t like doing it, but I do it… way too often. I see someone and I immediately stereotype them in my brain. “Look at this guy driving the Porsche. He’s obviously…”

This last weekend I jumped to conclusions about someone…er…some thing. I saw a lady carrying a Chihuahua and I thought, “Oh man, I hate stupid Chihuahuas! Useless yip yip dogs!”

I know, I know. It’s just a dog, right?


Just when I was thinking some very evil thoughts about the dog, a friend of mine asked me if I met Madeline. I said, “Who?”

“Madaline.” She walked over to the lady, her friend, got the dog out of the little carrier, and brought it over to me. “This is Madeline.”

I feigned interest. “Hi Madeline.” Unaware of the pending paradigm shift.

“Madeline is a very special dog,” my friend continued. “She has the ability to tell us if Joanne is going to have a seizure.”

I swallowed my pride and pet the amazing little animal, scratching her behind her cute little ears. Madeline goes everywhere that Joanne goes. And if Joanne is about to have a seizure, Madeline starts freaking out and warns everyone so they can take care of Joanne.

I’m such a judgmental bastard!

What about you?

When’s the last time you caught yourself judging someone, only to discover you were way off!

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