Where Can Parents go When They Need a Tuneup?

Where Can Parents go When They Need a Tuneup? November 1, 2013

As a family and parenting advocate I get the pleasure of meeting a wide variety of people who are passionate about improving the lives of families and children.  Since I believe that the more people who are exposed to the many excellent programs out there the better it is for everyone, I enjoy partnering with and helping to promote interesting new programs whenever possible.

Abby Bordner has developed Relationship Based Parenting (relationshipbasedparenting.com) and in the past year she has produced an online telesummit, blogs every week, produces free parenting videos and live training calls.  Most recently, she has launched a new program for parent education and personal support called “A Better Parent, A Better Life.”  I had a chance to talk with Abby about this exciting new program:

Q: Abby, what is Relationship Based Parenting (RBP)?

A: RBP is a balanced approach to parenting. The foundation is to teach parents what kids need to grow up emotionally healthy, respectful, compassionate and kind. Layered on top of this healthy relationship between parents and children is a parent support component to establish balance in family life; marriage, personal goals and leadership in the family.

Q: How did you develop the idea of RBP?

A: I’ve been teaching parenting classes for 10 years and working individually with families for about the same length of time. I find that every parent sincerely wants healthy, well balanced children. Parents struggle to produce this for a number of reasons; difficult childhoods of their own, problems with their marriages, feeling overwhelmed or differing parenting styles between parents.

RBP is a multi-facetted approach to parenting. There are terrific parenting and communication skills to improve relationships. And, there is a personal approach to problem solving, decision making and critical thinking that is so important in today’s world of endless information. I work with parents to identify their own values and create a lifestyle with concrete steps toward raising healthy children.

Q: You are launching a new program now called “A Better Parent, A Better Life.” Tell us about that.

A: I’m very excited to present a 10-month program for parents to make a commitment to not only improving their parenting skills, but also to improve all relationships in their lives. We are starting in January 2014 (now enrolling) with 20 families who will experience learning about healthy development of children, a step by step action plan to improve their parenting and a personal support to implement these strategies and improve their lives.

A Better Parent, A Better Life is a comprehensive program for parents to learn valuable information about raising healthy, successful kids and create a balanced approach to family life.

Here’s what parents get in my program:

  • The confidence and knowledge to truly connect with their children and create a family life that is enjoyable and caring.
  • Two training calls per month (online or by phone) with information about all aspects healthy development; dealing with emotions, setting limits, positive relationships and the key factors of raising successful kids.
  • One personal support call per month. Parents will get an opportunity to work with me one-on-one to identify their challenges and goals. I will help put together a step by step plan to work toward achieving their individual goals.
  • Online community of other parents committed to RBP and I will personally respond to questions and posts.

Q: How can parents get more information?

A: My website is www.relationshipbasedparenting.com and people can sign up for a free parenting session with me. We’ll discuss together if A Better Parent, A Better Life Program is right for them. My email is abby@relationshipbasedparenting.com and I invite anyone with questions to email me directly. I also have a facebook page by the same name: https://www.facebook.com/Relationshipbasedparenting




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