Is Your Life Worthy of Your Calling?

Is Your Life Worthy of Your Calling? November 4, 2013


Many in Portland, Oregon, were rocked in early September when a well-known philanthropist and businessman was arrested during a prostitution sting at an area hotel.

He was actually 1 of 9 people arrested during the sting, but because of his prominent stature in the community, his name and his face were plastered across the city’s headlines.

From the outside looking in, this man had everything going for him.

He started and managed an investment firm worth more than $4 billion. He was married to a wonderful woman who devoted her time to mentoring teens. The couple built a big barn on their acreage where they regularly hosted community events.

Fortunately, those who know the man and his wife say the crisis has prompted a positive change of events. The man is remorseful and taking full responsibility for his actions. The couple is undergoing counseling while their legal issues are being sorted out.

Yet their toughest days undoubtedly still lie ahead.

The story is a huge reminder of the slippery slope every man walks on—myself included. Our call is never to cluck our tongues and condemn this man, but to lament what could have been, to pray for him and his family, and to use this unfortunate instance to check our own lives.

The story screams the importance of integrity and accountability. It shouts this admonition from a historic leader, St. Paul of Tarsus,

“I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received!”

That’s a simple statement, but one with mountainous breadth, depth, and wisdom. Undoubtedly Paul is pointing toward a spiritual calling, a reflection to live in light of the holy nature of God.

Yet the calling broadens as the directive is applied to our daily lives.

We are called to be the men we need to be—integrity-filled leaders, rock solid husbands and fathers, wild-at-heart men worthy of respect. Every man’s calling can be framed in these straightforward words …

To continually live for what matters.

May we all do this. May we all remind ourselves of this every day—and never forget it.

May we all live a life worthy of the calling we’ve received.

Question: What does it mean to you to “live a life worthy of your calling?”




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