Five Minute Friday: Home

Five Minute Friday: Home March 8, 2013

There's no place like home!

“There’s no place like home!”

It really didn’t hit me until after my mom died how much responsibility a woman is under to be the thermostat of the home environment. “If Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy,” couldn’t be more true.

So the fact that while I love the idea being a homemaker, I basically suck at the actual practice of it. Oh, I can vacuum and dust like I trained at Downton Abbey, but I’m not good at decorating, and if it wasn’t for Facebook, I wouldn’t send a single birthday card. Preplanning meals and cutting coupons are things I admire and long to do, but along the same lines as I admire people who work with lions at the zoo. Cool job environment, but one to be approached warily.

Maybe it’s the depression and the ADHD or something, but all the best laid housekeeping schemes in the world, all the planning calendars and color-coded file boxes I ever start end up gathering dust while I spend another week in bed with the covers pulled over my head to ward off engagement with the world.

When I played house and dolls as a child, I never once incorporated the line, “Oh, and here’s the mommy doll. She’s too sad to get up today, so the laundry will probably mildew in the washer. Yay!”

Nope. Never saw that coming.


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