Gateway Goddess: Taurus Season – A Celebration of the Sacred Body

Gateway Goddess: Taurus Season – A Celebration of the Sacred Body May 3, 2013

It’s May.

It’s Taurus season.

The season for celebrating the element of Earth in its fullest expression. A season that puts us in touch with that part of our souls that sticks closest to our skin and delights in the physical. In the Reclaiming tradition, it’s called Younger Self. I learned to call it Sticky One.

Taurus celebrates the fulness of spring and the element of Earth.

It’s the part of us that loves berries for their sweetness and for their juice. T’hat loves dark chocolate for its gloss and snap and slow melt on the tongue. That delights in our lovers’ scent and taste, for the feel of their skin against ours, for all the joys leading up to physical union as much as for the ecstasy of that union itself.

It’s the part of us that provides energy for calling those things we want into our lives, and which communicates directly and intuitively with our divine selves and our intellectual selves. And it’s the part of our souls which we can so easily celebrate and strengthen this Taurus season, the season of sacred earth and sacred body.

This year’s Taurus season is energized by two eclipses. The full moon April 25 saw a lunar eclipse, signaling a time of inner change, of letting go of things that have served their purpose. The New Moon May 9 is a solar eclipse. Solar eclipses are even more wonderful times to start new changes in our lives than are ordinary new moons.

I think this New Moon Eclipse in Taurus is an ideal time to rededicate ourselves to loving our Sacred Bodies and connecting with our Younger Selves.

The celebration of the physical is for me one of the defining elements of the Pagan worldview. We are embodied not just to learn spiritual lessons, but to enjoy physicality. The joys of the senses are our birthrights as incarnate beings, regardless of our age, color, gender, size, or sexual preference.

Having the New Moon conjunct the South Node, the astrological point that symbolizes the past in our individual horoscopes, makes this a particularly fruitful time to let go of any body hatred we’re carrying from past experiences.

Mars and Mercury also are conjunct this eclipse. Mars gives us drive and determination to carry out our new plans. Mercury linked with the eclipse sharpens our minds and helps us express those new ideas, and release old mental patterns that hold us in place.

So, as we come up on the New Moon, carry over some of that Beltane energy to create a ritual celebrating not just the sensual, but the physical body that allows us to enjoy it. Light an indigo, red, orange or brown candle. Draw a bath scented with rose, jasmine or honeysuckle. Salute the sign’s planetary ruler of Venus. Eat strawberries or the freshest spring produce you can find. Use all your senses and be glad that you are here in your sacred body. Because it’s May. It’s Taurus season. Revel in it.

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