Druid Thoughts: Druidry and Meditation

Druid Thoughts: Druidry and Meditation February 5, 2014

Contemplation and pondering are very much part of Druidry for many Druids: conscious engagement with the world, seeking relationship through empathy and exploration. There are a great many ways in which a person can meditate, so if your impression of meditation is just sitting there trying to empty your mind, that’s only one of many options. Meditation need not be stationary, and it need not be tedious, either! It can be a great way of flexing and developing your creativity, as well as a method for developing inner peace and cultivating insight.

During February, my book Druidry and Meditation is available on Kindle at the knockdown price of 99p if you’re in the UK.

You can also buy a discounted ebook version on Amazon.com.

Druidry and Meditation came out two years ago and was my first published book on a Pagan subject. I’ve had a long and frequently surprising journey since then, and two other Pagan titles published. Nonetheless, this one holds up well, I feel. It came out of years of private meditation work and experience leading groups, so not only does it have plenty to explore, there’s also a lot of insight about how to create your own meditations from scratch, including how to write pathworkings. It is the book I wish I’d had when I started!

From a Pagan Leadership perspective, this book has a lot of detailed content about how to run meditation groups, and quite a lot of information relevant to running rituals as well, so it may well be of particular use to you. If you are interested in exploring Pagan leadership, or as is more usually the case, a leadership role has unexpectedly dropped on you from a great height, you may also be interested in the course I have here at Patheos.

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