The Busy Witch: Refilling the Well

The Busy Witch: Refilling the Well April 1, 2014

Things have been a bit hectic in my day to day existence lately, but instead of succumbing to the drained, battered feeling I know so well, I’ve decided that it’s time for me to mindfully re-fill my well.


For me, creativity helps keep me sane, as does yoga and time spent outdoors. As the winter releases us and we shift into the warmer months, here are some ideas to help you make the transition with ease while honoring your creative spark.

• Take an idea walk: find a park or area nearby that feels safe, and go for a solitary walk with the intention of finding inspiration. Bring your sketchbook or journal with you, and make notes or draw images that resonate with you as you explore.

• Use a piece of art or music to inspire your own work: I love using Tarot cards as writing prompts, and I’ve also found that various songs will help me unlock interesting scenes in my stories.

• Collage: no matter what creative medium usually calls to you, cutting and pasting with intention is a wonderful way to build up your energy after a long winter. I particularly love using collages as vision boards to help me solidify my intentions, and then I offer the art to the fire the next time I have one. It’s wildly satisfying.

• Travel outside your comfort zone: whether it means changing up your weekly coffee shop routine, taking a day trip, or jaunting off to a foreign land, don’t underestimate the power of place. I’ve found that leaving home is the best way to help me gain new perspective, and often, it helps me unlock any creative blocks that have been bothering me.

• Dance: playing music in the mornings and dancing around the kitchen while I make my coffee has become one of my favorite ways to re-energize myself before tackling a project. There’s nothing like music and movement to raise your vibration and make you smile!

What are some ways you refill your creative well?

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