The Busy Witch: Cleansing My Space and Spirit

The Busy Witch: Cleansing My Space and Spirit March 31, 2015

Now that we’ve passed the spring equinox, I find myself shaking off the stupor of the winter and longing for a little renewal. The weather has turned cold again, however, despite a brilliant blue sky, so the yard work my husband and I had hoped to tackle this weekend will be waiting a bit longer.

Since I’m stuck inside, I’m thinking about tackling the messy dresser and closet, starting a soul-cleansing purge of clothes that are too worn (or simply not worn enough), and that’s probably where I’ll focus my energies in the next few days. Before I sat down to write this post, I loaded the dishwasher and cleaned up the counters, and last night I went on a laundry binge. I’ve always found that mundane chores take on magical properties, especially at the turn of the seasons; there’s a reason we talk about spring cleaning, and we’re cleaning more than our homes when we give into these impulses. I don’t know about you, but I’ve found that I work better in a less cluttered space; it’s like my mind reflects the mess around me, and if I haven’t paid attention to the house, my brain will be just as cluttered and unfocused. As within, so without, right?

Once the house has been addressed, I’ve got a number of small rituals to pick from to add the icing on my cleansing cake, but this season, I was pulled to a chakra bath.


What exactly is a chakra bath, you might ask? Good question! Basically, it’s a cleansing bath with stones that represent the chakras (colored candles work just as well). This ritual is something that can be as quick and easy or as long and in-depth as you like, but since I’m often pressed for time, I tend to keep it short and focus on quality, not quantity. For me, a chakra bath includes a detox bath mix (I make my own out of Epsom salts, baking soda, and fresh rosemary, but you can always add essential oils or any other herbs that feel right to you).

I line the edge of the tub with a rainbow of stones–carnelian for the root chakra, rose quartz for the heart, lapis for the throat, and so on–and then I place candles around the tub on the corners. For an added cleansing oomph, it helps to put a piece of selenite in the bath water if you have one (just make sure you clear it afterwards; you don’t want all your energetic baggage to take up residence in your stones!). For me, music is the final component; something ethereal and chant-infused (right now, my favorite soundtrack is Om Sweet Om by Lisbeth Scott).

After this cleansing bath, I emerged feeling clear headed and more myself than I had in months (winter is SO not my season), and I’m glad I took the time to hit the reset button this season.  I like to think I’m ready to welcome spring with open arms and a less cluttered soul and house.

How do you cleanse and release?

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