The Path of She: Our Sovereign Souls

The Path of She: Our Sovereign Souls May 23, 2015

A dream vision: I am sitting on a throne, bearing the full regalia of sovereignty: crown, ring, scepter, and royal robe. Around me in every direction are innumerable thrones, interconnected by a web of silver, shimmering threads–one for every person, creature and life form on the living Earth. And, I know that when you approach my throne, you must bend and kiss my ring in recognition of my unique powers and gifts, and when I approach your throne I must do the same for you. There is no top or bottom of the pile–no better or worse–just infinite configurations of beauty and power.

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This vision holds the core premise of the Path of She: we are infinitely beautiful and infinitely worthy. Every one of us carries a fragment of the ever-creating Universe, infused with our unique place and value within the greater order of things. We are born into this world to claim our place and to live an authentic, soul-based life, sourced from the beauty and power of our inner sovereignty.

Imagine what it would be like to step into this dream vision, with each of us claiming our destined place in the order of things, living in accordance with what is deep and best inside of us, in the company of others doing the same, and extending this same respect to the wild inhabitants and the elemental forces that share our Earth home.

Imagine the changes in our everyday lives. When we source from our best qualities, we naturally become better partners, better parents, better members of our communities, and better stewards of the Earth. When we stop scrabbling after the limited social markers of worthiness, our fellow human beings are no longer the competition, but beautiful beings with their own unique value and contribution. When our true need to live an authentic, soul-based life is met, our false, addictive hungers fall away, and we naturally walk the Earth more lightly.

To claim and live from our inner sovereignty is a revolutionary act. We step away from a culture determined to control us from the outside-in, and entrain us to a homogenized ethos and lifestyle that serves the unknown and unnamed needs of others. And we step into the inside-out imperatives of our unique powers and gifts. Deeper still, we change the very fabric of our human dreaming; we carve a template in the energetic realm that others can follow, and the Gods and Goddesses beam their otherworldly approval, because this is what they made us to be.

Be bold: step into this dream vision and make it your own. Listen to the voice of your soul that longs to live from the inside-out of your best qualities. Pay attention to the nagging discontent that lets you know what isn’t working in your life, and to the joy that illuminates the things that give you deep satisfaction and pleasure. Heed those around you that see and honor your beautiful presence and gifts. These are the markers that will guide you home to the well-spring of your inner sovereignty.

The potential to build this dream vision already exists within us. We are the new world we are waiting for. But we must choose it so. We must be bold and dare to live on our own terms, shining outward our unique essence and best gifts to a hungry world waiting for our authentic presence. Together, in our boldness, we can weave this shining web of the infinite thrones of our big, beautiful sovereign souls.

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