The Busy Witch: Celebrating Change

The Busy Witch: Celebrating Change July 28, 2015

You may have noticed that I’ve got some big news: The Busy Witch will no longer be a column here at the Agora, but has grown into its very own blog! Thank you for welcoming me here in this space for the past two years, and for giving me the room to grow when the time was right.

I’ve loved connecting with all the other writers here at the Agora, but I’m ready to take my writing (and my practice) to the next level. The regular blogging commitment of having my own space will (I hope) help me as I re-establish the magical habits that have been slightly on hold as my family expanded in the past year. I’ll still be sharing simple charms and spells, as well as my thoughts on a variety of magical and mundane things, and I’m also going to post more quick and easy rituals for solitaries and circles as the wheel turns. I hope you’ll join me on this new part of my journey!

The wheel of the year turns on, and as summer makes way for fall, I’m eager to begin tending my new hearth.


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The Busy Witch used to be published on alternate Tuesdays. Follow it via RSS or e-mail! Or, check out Jen’s her Facebook Page for writings, ramblings, and more magic! Drop by and say hi!

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