Wayfaring Woman: Gifts from the Heart – An Autumn-Spiced Guided Meditation

Wayfaring Woman: Gifts from the Heart – An Autumn-Spiced Guided Meditation September 11, 2016

orange, autumn leaves on trees
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The autumn season marks time to slow down, take stock, and prepare for necessary change. For me this energy is currently being compounded by the Mercury retrograde period that is ushering us into autumn this year. In these days leading up to the equinox I slow down, take stock, and prepare for change by turning inward with a seasonally appropriate focus on achieving balance or rather harmony within and across all areas of my life. Personally I’ve been especially focused on relationships of all kinds and on my career.

As autumn approaches I am increasingly aware of relationships that are functioning well, those that need new tools, those that need a complete overhaul, and those that may not survive the winter. Also I see career goals long neglected, those ready for harvest, and those that will be taken by the frost. The coming autumn offers an opportunity to see things more clearly, gain much needed perspective, and begin contemplating next steps. For me, this is one of the season’s greatest gifts.

Beginning at the equinox through the fall season I am better able to accept what was, evaluate what is, and be strategic about what will be. Divination is an important tool in that endeavor. I’m more receptive beginning in the fall and the spirits are more talkative. In the autumn above all seasons I get a great deal of feedback from the spirits about everything from my relationships with them to my relationships in general to my next career milestones. This is also an amazing time of year for introspection in the form of regular mediation and guided meditation. Old weavings can be evaluated, patterns found, stray threads cut, minor errors in stitching repaired, and needed resources sought. As autumn prepares to dawn, I allow my energies to settle into contemplative practices and I open to the gifts that reside within me.

Below I have included a brief guided meditation designed to facilitate access to the sacred gifts at the heart center. Begin with a progressive muscle relaxation exercise. Then, begin the guided meditation, given below in italics. Feel free to modify this guided meditation according to your own tastes and then audio record it for easy use in ritual. Remember to incorporate generous pauses to allow time to do the work outlined in the meditation.

autumn leaves
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Relaxed and safe, you are ready to begin. The deep forest welcomes you with a cool breeze and the sounds of the natural world. Your gaze settles on an archway before you formed by the interlocking branches of two mighty oak trees. You observe that the path from the archway leads into a deep forest gently illuminated by the light of the setting sun.

You are aware that this is your forest. The grand trees are the formative experiences, important relationships, and soul-deep desires that shape your life. If you wish, admire the trees, walk among them.

After a time, you notice that a guide emerges from the wood. Allow yourself to observe your guide with all of your senses. What do you notice?

When you feel ready, give greeting in a way that feels appropriate and respectful. If you feel comfortable, allow yourself to receive messages from your guide. Does your guide offer counsel for you on the journey through the remainder of the year, on the road from above to below?

Take a moment to reflect upon your guides counsel. You may notice your guide subtly signaling for your attention. There is more for you here. Your guide leads you deeper into the wood, beyond the trees you know and into a small clearing among trees less familiar.

This is the center of your forest, the heart-grove. Look around you. What do you see here? What do you hear? Do your other senses offer insight into this place?

As you allow your senses to pour over this powerful place within your inner landscape, your guide draws your attention to an item.  You know intuitively that this item can and will help you on the journey through the remainder of the year, will aid you on the road from above to below.

Study the heart-grove gift closely. Your guide may also offer insight into the item. Listen carefully.

You intuitively know that you have access to this needed item at all times. All you need do is summon it into your conscious awareness and you will be able to harness its gift.

When you are ready, thank your guide for showing you the way to this helpful item. Your guide may acknowledge your gratitude. You are then led out of the heart-grove and back to the main path. You take the path back to the oaken archway and pass through.

Slowly, you return your awareness to your seated body. From toe to head, you breathe into each body part allowing it to return to an active and alert state.

a park bench under trees with autumn leaves
valiunic / pixabay.com

Allow yourself to gently emerge into everyday consciousness. Autumn blessings!

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