Star Made Witch: Five Witchcraft Resolutions for 2017

Star Made Witch: Five Witchcraft Resolutions for 2017 January 9, 2017

With 2017 upon us, many witches are feeling uncertainty for what the new year will hold. I’d like to suggest some new habits that will build you a strong magical foundation for the new year and beyond.

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Pull an extra card

When you are doing divination with tarot or another oracle and a card that perplexes or worries you appears in your reading pull an extra card for clarification. If your Celtic cross shows a less than ideal outcome, ask the cards what would happen if you took an alternative action or made a change in your perceptions. Then pull another card to see how it might affect the outcome. This year use divination as a tool to change your fortune not as a mere predictor.

Make a statement

Take a few minutes every day to check in with yourself and the path you are paving. So often we act on instinct or from habit rather than embracing the opportunities presented to us. Witches make their own luck, so wear charm to attract what you want to achieve for the day. If it’s wealth you might put a gold coin and a magnet in your pocket, if you are ready to love someone you might wear a rose quartz necklace, for more focus you might meditate with a white candle in the morning.

Be generous

If you bless what you believe in then you will bless yourself with that magic too. Give a little love to something you care about today in the service of making the world a better place for you and those around you. I suggest saying a prayer, setting up an altar, or doing a magical blessing for the change you want to see in the world. Allow your actions to follow your heart.

Look around you

Witchcraft is about ourselves and our surroundings. Stop and gaze at the moon, greet your mountain in the horizon, pick up things you could use in spells like sticks and stones or even dandelions growing in between the pavement. Traditional witchcraft practice is animist and local-based so tuning your senses to your surroundings grounds and strengthens your spirituality. A simple moment lying on the ground and just feeling the land can become a profound empowerment.

Dream big in 2017

Dig deep into your heart and soul to determine your purpose in this life and do some serious witchcraft to make it so. Sometimes people declaw witchcraft and imply it cannot do stellar amazing things. Challenge your doubts this year. Believe in magic and its power and try to do your biggest dream now. Depending on your magical style you could make a simple sachet and candle spell or do a full out ritual. But pump up your witchcraft and manifest your chosen destiny.

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