Full Frontal Magic: Skip the Resolution, Embrace the Change

Full Frontal Magic: Skip the Resolution, Embrace the Change January 22, 2017

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New Years is a time that many of us make resolutions to change over the next year.  Personally, I wait a couple weeks before deciding on a resolution and then I do not make a big deal out of it.  Statistically, we all are abysmally bad at actually succeeding at resolutions.  For the magician, a failure to complete a resolution weakens our hold over our own internal issues.  The failure is a breakdown of will and we have to realize that we have been set up to fail at New Year’s resolutions. These self-promises are a great illumination for all self work but apply equally to our ritual work to get tangible things in our life.  In both cases, we make some huge mistakes.


Many people look to spellwork to just fix their life.  Spellwork can produce weird results. Of course I know magic is real, but if you are not in the frame of availability, your enchantment probably will fail.  Resolutions and big spells often require the universe or us to move mountains.  Let’s first admit that the universe might not be in the mood to move for us that far and often times, we would rather just rest.

Most people see spellwork as seeking results.  We cast, we insert energy, we expect results.  The process is not unlike a vending machine?  Except spellwork never quite works this way.  Resolutions are similarly doomed for similar reasons.  We puff up our chest decide, I need to change and make a resolution to change. Whether or not we vocalize this resolution in the poetry of spellwork, or the announcement on facebook does not matter.  In the new year, let’s leave the idea that spellwork is like a vending machine and the making of resolutions behind us.

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In both cases we want results, but what we need to embrace is process.  The idea to embrace a self change is a tremendously courageous decision and if you have made a decision like this, I applaud you. What happens if we choose not to see these results by a certain time and instead adopt and accept a process?  All of a sudden, we are on this achievable road.

The Process

One of the “secrets” chaos magicians and magicians tend to embrace about spellwork is an almost identical commitment to process.  Have you heard the good word of “have no desire of result”, or how about “do everything in the physical world as well as the spellwork.”  Successful spells even for results act on the caster as well as the universe.  If the caster has a process of real world results, the spellwork guides, reflects and is manifested by the process the magician embraces to create the life changes.  The energy is there and as I said, I believe in the magic, but the process allows the changes to occur much faster especially if the enchantment is for a large change.

Now a process can affects multiple areas of life.  The physical environment must change, routines and habits will alter, the size of the change occurs incrementally and organically, and we can “adopt the first stage” of a process with minimal effort.  Some of the best spellwork in fact may just give us the energy and luck to get some early wins at the right time to make the process seem infinitely worthwhile.  Believe me, if your magic does this and nothing else, you can probably succeed at anything.

So what does a process possibly inspired by spellcraft look like, what qualities does the successful processes have in common?

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For me there are several aspects of a life-changing process:

  1. Starts small with changes that are easy to implement.  For example, a health change might be to simply journal food intake. Trust me, I know that is in itself hard and when I do enchantments for health before starting, objectively, I know how much more inspired and energy I have to have in order to keep up with this.
  2. Incrementally and constantly improving.  Perhaps the goal is better financial security, and the first step was tracking, then the next step might be to cut ONE unneeded expense and move forward.
  3. Little Victories add up fast; after one success is mastered, move forward to the next incremental change.
  4. Data Driven, and inherently results driven (at achievable scales); e.g., journal and document each change.
  5. Strong Commitment to the process, i.e. you have to want to keep going.
  6. Lends itself to Strong Narratives.  A process is a journey and such a journey lends itself to spiritual metaphors. In fact, any change of note, is a hero’s journey of sort.

I know some of you will strongly object to the idea that spellwork often times initiates a process in the magician because it demystifies magic and sounds like I am saying this is all in your head.  I won’t say that the process is wholly in your mind, but I will say a whole bunch of transformations that occur for successful magic do happen in the mind.  The best and most successful spellcraft causes the magician to adopt the process automatically, with ease, and without effort. Since the energy is so compelling that they just follow the new pattern without conscious knowledge at the same time luck just comes their way.

Take for instance money spells.  Sure people might just get money, but more often than not they do a money spell and then do more marketing and the marketing is just tweaked differently ( even asking for money on facebook is a type of marketing btw).  Say the spell manifests as a promotion.  Even if the spell affected your supervisor to give you the promotion, there is still a dance back and forth where you are convincing them, you are worth more and can handle more.  That happens as a process.

Do a spell for a new lover, and then you just happen to be more vivacious and friendly when you go out?  Not strong enough for you to notice, but others do?  Does this sound so far fetched? Now each time anyone goes out in a vivacious manner and are rewarded for it, they are more likely to repeat those behaviors.  One or two big successes leads toward movement of a personality in this direction.  More and more successes happen, and all of a sudden a new love appears like magic.  Doesn’t this example sound like a process?

If you can throw yourself into a process of continual improvement relating to the spellwork you cast,  you can give yourself a strong advantage for your spellwork to manifest and help you stick with the process.  Now you are rolling with the spellwork. And, the truly miraculous? Well, it is merely down the road.

Author’s Note:

Starting out on the journey of a desired major life change?  Need some help working on that process or spellwork to pull it all together.  Andrieh has multiple years experience not only as a powerful and success sorcerer, but an effective life coach and businessman.  Together we can make those changes that you have tasted, envisioned, felt, talked about and even saw into reality.  I bet, you can almost sense the energy coming in. Let’s get you on that road and create that synergy between the magic and your process.  Interested?  Book a session now.

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