The Crow’s Nest: Living Life by the Seasons – Spring and Seeds of Intention

The Crow’s Nest: Living Life by the Seasons – Spring and Seeds of Intention February 3, 2017

The Celebration of Imbolc (Candlemas) marks the coming of Spring for us Pagans. In my own personal practice, I reserve the downturn of the year for Inner Work. From Lughnasadh (Lammas) until the Winter Solstice (Yule) I spend time reflecting on the past year, giving thanks for what I have accomplished and clearing out any accumulated negativity.

flowers sprouting through thawing snow
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Now that Spring is just around the corner, my focus turns outward.  My primary focus is on the land I live on. Generations of my family have farmed here.  As Spring approaches decisions must be made as to what to plant in the fields. I joyfully plan my own personal herb, flower and vegetable gardens. The process of gardening and farming is heavily tied into my own magical practice. Those herbs, flowers and vegetables will be making their way into magical works such as incense and dishes of food I will share with other pagans. Working with the land also provides me with a sense of stability in what has become a seemingly unstable world.

The Seasons change and the land changes with them.  The Universal Cycle plays out again and again and I observe that directly through my land. I have come to realize that this also symbolizes the cycles I have noticed throughout my own life and even the entire planet. Creation is born out of destruction. Energy never ceases to exist, it only continues to transform. I was reminded of this just before submitting this blog. My oldest cat, Queen Gracie, crossed the veil. While I will miss her dearly, somehow I take comfort knowing she has not ceased to exist. Rather, her essence and energy have been transformed.

With the coming of Spring, I sense a new hope, life renewed. An awakening. As my land begins to awaken and green begins peeking out from under cold soil I also see continued awakening within myself and others.  For we are all akin to those little green plants, we sprout and grow too.

My desire is to plant powerful seeds of intention this year. Seeds that promote unity, compassion, love, understanding, strength of purpose and empowerment. I do not intend to let my seeds founder, for as I tend my gardens and fields, I will be tending my seeds of intention as well. I will tend my seeds of intention by continuing to grow on my own spiritual path, and reach out in my own community in the hope that I can help and inspire others along their individual paths.

What seeds of intention will you plant this year? I encourage you to pray, meditate and commune with your Deities. Once planted, take action and encourage those seeds to grow.

Blessings upon you and yours this day!

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