The Crow’s Nest: Working With The Elements – Air

The Crow’s Nest: Working With The Elements – Air February 17, 2017

The Element of Air has been making its presence known here in the form of strong winds and this occurrence inspired me to write about Air. The basic Elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit exist around us at all times and together they comprise all things. These Elements are represented by the Pentagram many Pagans wear as a symbol of their faith. Working with the Elements does not require any specific tools or supplies and can be done anywhere at any time. I regard the Elements as living entities and treat them with the same respect as humans, animals, the Sidhe and all things mundane and magical.

The Element of Air is generally associated with the direction of East, the color Yellow, Thought and Thinking, the Wand as a magical tool, and Sylphs. There are many correspondences for each Element and I encourage you to research the correspondences for Air to enhance your own knowledge and personal practice.

Working with the Element of Air can be a simple as standing out in the wind. I stand outside on windy days and allow Air to sweep over and around me. This is a simple and effective way of “Cleansing” the energetic body of any negativity accumulated by everyday life. I simply visualize any negativity being swept off and away by the wind.  The Element of Air can also be a source of inspiration by simply standing outside and asking Air for clear thoughts or new ideas for a project. Messages can be sent through to Air, carried on the wind to someone you wish to speak to.  In Defensive Magic, Air can become like a tornado, blowing away anything seeking to harm you.

Air can be a calm breeze or a ferocious force.  Consider working with this Element directly in your own practice. Let the wind inspire you, too.

the image of an elderly man in the sky propelling the wind as his exhalation


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