Full Frontal Magic: Before the Spirit is Summoned

Full Frontal Magic: Before the Spirit is Summoned February 19, 2017

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People have many ways to work with spirits, but most people don’t pay attention to the ‘before’ (and in some cases the ‘after’) the ritual. I work with spirits a tremendous amount and often have to work with new spirits to solve problems for a client or to bring new things into the fold. As a “shaman” (yes, I know the word is originally Siberian) and often time chaos magician, I come across many spirits. The books rarely talk about the process that happens with new spirits that are trying to come into focus, although they are great about the mechanics and philosophy of the systems.

Spirit work of any serious sort, even grimoires of summoning, is done with you and on you. Even the research before doing the actual summoning opens you up to the spirit. The process starts to open your imagination and energy to the spirit well before any summoning actually takes place. In many cases, I can somewhat predict how powerful a summoning will be for a person depending on what is going on in the thoughts before the summoning. Generally, I have found there are stages to this process. These stages include ideation, subconscious connection, summoning, and transformation. These stages seem more descriptive for witches, shamans and more experienced spiritualists. For people just starting out or people not very experienced, the process seems far less clean because it gets stuck in the subconscious connection phase.

a diagram of four circles labeled "Life Transformations," Ideation/Reflection," "Subconscious Connection," "Impactful Summoning" and arrows indicating that there's a cycle between these four.

For most people, any work with a spirit starts with research. If they are coming from a non-dogmatic or eclectic approach, they will research images, sounds, symbols and culture. This research starts to form a representation of the spirit. A magician might think they are always initiating such a contact and certainly those who lean toward the left hand path would think they are the initiator. For any purpose or result one might have, in this age of cross cultural information, there is a hundred spirits which fit the bill. Think outside of the normal cause and effect. What if the choice of what to research is mutual between spirit and summoner and could happen forward or backward in time? Of course, a spirit might have some idea of what could happen later in time if the work with the summoner would go somewhere.

Almost always before a serious summoning, the spirits make contact via thoughts and there must be a period of mutual interest. For magicians, this often appears to be a choice. With people unfamiliar with magic or spirituality, or with a person diametrically opposed to spirits, or opposed to spirits outside of their chosen paradigm (such as a fundamental Christian)  a spirit’s interest and intrusion can create a jarring experience. With practice, magicians would experience this as a positive infatuation where the spirit presents themselves in greater and greater thoughts. Although those who have less experience with magic may experience this with a negative infatuation as I said. Often people will believe they are being spiritually attacked, have nightmares, breakdowns and even body pain. The process of believing you are being spiritually attacked is a self-fulfilling spiritual obsession. Essentially, in some cases, the person’s subconscious mind just does not know how to interpret the spirit knocking at the door and presents all sorts of symptoms.

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The stronger the mutual interest and the stronger this obsession/infatuation, usually indicates a stronger potential for a summoning or catharsis of understanding. For a real connection to be created, the infatuation has to be mutual and on both sides of the spirit veil.  An experienced spiritual worker would cleanse themselves and control their mental state, destroying any potential for an unwanted obsession. Remember, a negative infatuation even though it is painful, is still a mutual obsession. For a magician, usually they will set a date for the summoning to create a crescendo to the process. For someone inexperienced, they will have to go through a process that breaks down their conscious objections, so research is possible and then some sort of summoning can occur to bring the subconscious knocking into the conscious mind.

A person really cannot think of the summoning as the end point. Any summoning or catharsis with this kind of proper build up will produce life changes. These life changes will cement the relationship between spirit and conjurer. After the turmoil of results, the cycle of reflection and thought will start anew. Most spirits have multiple levels of entanglement.  Results and reflection will spawn greater research and great connection. These greater connections inspire additional summonings. Both the ‘before’ and ‘after’ is part of the overall spiritual process. Becoming aware of this can make you succeed in your summoning, or can even reverse the process. We cover more about this in detail in my shapeshifting course.

Author’s Note:

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