The Crow’s Nest: Crafting A Springtime Herbal Offering Blend

The Crow’s Nest: Crafting A Springtime Herbal Offering Blend April 7, 2017

Spring has arrived here in the Appalachian Mountains. Brilliant colors have begun to push their way up and out all around the area. While I enjoy every season in the mountains for its unique beauty, I have to say, Spring is my favorite. Gardening and Wildcrafting are two of my personal passions. When this time of year rolls around I am ready to get outside and enjoy my natural surroundings.

Photo by Morrigan Odin
Photo by Morrigan Odin

I live a life based on the seasons and the beginning of the growing season is cause to celebrate and give thanks to my deities and the land spirits here. One of the ways I do that is gathering some of the first herbs and wildflowers and combine them into an Herbal Offering Blend. I encourage you to do the same in the area where you live.

Here are some tips and recommendations for finding and making your own Springtime Herbal Offering Blend:

  • Easy to identify early blooming wild herbs/flowers are: wild violet and dandelions are easy to spot. You can gather the flowers and leaves.  Clover and dead nettles are two other common “weeds” found easily. I encourage you to learn to identify local fauna in your area.
  • If you garden like I do, some cultivated herbs and flowers are beginning to come up. Spearmint and lemon balm are two of my favorites.
  • If Wildcrafting, please do so responsibly. Do not overharvest or gather where chemicals have been sprayed. Ask permission before harvesting on private property. State parks may have regulations pertaining to gathering local plants, depending on where you live. Inquire beforehand. Please do not harvest endangered plants. I recommend purchasing a plant identification guide specific to the area you live in.
  • Once you have gathered your plant material, you can offer it freshly picked with gratitude and intention. I also choose to dry some of my harvest for future use.
  • Other ideas for Spring herbal crafts include: Stuffing sachets or mojo bags with the dry offering blend to harness Springtime energy, gathering moss and making living terrarium charms, or incorporating dried herbs into spell candles. The possibilities are endless.

I encourage everyone to get outside this time of year and enjoy life and all it has to offer! Blessings!

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