Tree City Witch: Blood Magick & Pluto Goes Direct

Tree City Witch: Blood Magick & Pluto Goes Direct September 27, 2017

I love my Facebook timeline. If you want to hang out with us and talk astrology and tarot, you’re more than welcome. Most of my astrology posts I make public. It’s fun. And I say this despite being a sometime cranky Cancerian (Sun, Mercury and Mars).

Today I started a conversation about Pluto. Pluto has been retrograde and Pluto goes direct this week and Pluto has been opposing my Sun for years now. That transit is about to end. FINALLY.

Symbol for Pluto.
Symbol for Pluto.

What is a transit? Where the planets are now and how they affect us.
What is an opposition to one’s Sun? Learning curve of the underworld. Death and rebirth. Over and over for the length of the transit.
What is Pluto? Power and powerlessness, among other things. Also, the aforementioned death and rebirth.

So I reminded folks, as I like to do, about Pluto going direct and for everyone it’s different because everyone has a different chart. For me it’s the 5th house of creativity and love while for you it may be the spiritual 12th House or the spooky 8th or the money making 2nd. Regeneration, that’s Pluto. For every planet, sign, and house, there are keywords galore.

You may not feel it right away or you may, Pluto’s station and motion forward over the next week. You may even mistake this transit for another. I think that happens a lot. People “blame” how they feel or what they experience on such and such planet when really it’s the moon. It can be hard to separate out sometimes, like those days when you throw all the colors into the wash instead of putting the white towels in the pile over there.

This housekeeping metaphor is not an accident. Although the Sun entered Libra the other day and we got Equinoxed, we have three planets still in Virgo, Mercury, Mars, and Venus, and this matters. Mercury is your mind, Mars is your drive, Venus is… so much. Love, desire, beauty, art, underwear. Her complexity never gets enough credit.

These Virgo planets make sweet music with Pluto (because Virgo and Capricorn are harmonious together — earth signs) but less so for the Libra Sun which will make the astrological aspect called a “square” which causes tension.

Think about it, even if you don’t know anything about astrology. The Sun enters Libra and our consciousness shifts from industrious hardworking Virgo to lives-for-love artful Libra. Libra is romantic. Libra is graceful. And Pluto? Pluto is not romantic. Pluto is not graceful. Pluto has a bottom line always, is not flexible, plays for keeps (if Pluto can be said to “play” at all) and in Capricorn that bottom line is business, all business.

Let me put it this way. Virgo and Capricorn agree. Work is what matters. But Libra and Capricorn? Work isn’t ONLY what matters. Relaxation matters too, says Libra.

So in the coming weeks as we fully shift from Virgo Season to Libra Season, you will feel this tension. You’ll want a break from all the work. You’ll want to glide or ride or swim or just be. You’ll feel pulled towards getting your nails and hair done. Clothes shopping. Vacation. Vineyards. Pentacles and Cups. You’ll have to find a balance between work and pleasure, which is what Libra likes to do anyway (so we are told).

Artist's Depiction of Pluto, from European Southern Observatory (ESO).  Public Domain Image.
Artist’s Depiction of Pluto, from European Southern Observatory (ESO). Public Domain Image.


It probably won’t be that bad, but you will feel it. You will feel Pluto’s vice grip, Pluto’s compulsive obsessive nature, during Libra Season as Mercury, Mars and Venus all enter Libra one by one and make that “square” to Pluto. You’ll feel it as you reach for that second glass of wine and hear Pluto whisper (or scream) in your ear: all this pleasure, what has it gotten you? Any closer to your desire? Hmm?

You too may be ending a hard transit, a brutal transit, a death and rebirth transit. You may need that new pleasure giving thing that costs a little too much. And you tell Pluto no. You tell Pluto: I’m yours yes I am yours but Libra Season comes but once a year and I will revel and rejoice in her frilly insouciance!

Another way this could play out and this scenario is pretty likely actually: you will become obsessed with love. Libra rules love. You will become obsessed with desire, with feeding your desire, gaining power over your desire. You will feel unstoppable, insatiable, hungry. The result of this I’m not so sure. I don’t know your chart. But I guarantee you this: you will feel your desire multiply and you will want to feed.

Mountains of Pluto, from NASA, Public Domain image.
Mountains of Pluto, from NASA, Public Domain image.


I have since I was a kid. And I love blood imagery, whether it’s vampires or Catholics. Never mind that I’m squeamish if I actually have to have blood drawn. That’s another story. But give me Padre Pio and his stigmata OR Andy Warhol’s Dracula and I’m good. Blood magick too. Blood is life. Blood is mysterious. Blood is forbidden if you keep kosher. And Pluto transits are the blood magick transits. Why? Because as I wrote above, we die and are reborn over and over for the length of a Pluto transit, which can last years. I’m not the same person I was and you probably aren’t either if Pluto is currently maligning your Sun (or moon or ascendent).

Am I recommending blood magick to you for Pluto going direct? Not exactly. I wouldn’t recommend anything that serious in a blog post to the masses but I will say this:

get your hands dirty. Get your hands wet. This week. If it’s blood so be it. Roll up sleeves and get to work. Pluto work. Pay attention to what’s happening in that part of your chart and in your life. It’s Pluto, people. Scrutinize. Research. Go deep. Pluto changes direction and your life changes too. It’s not just the motion.

Pluto is one of the rulers of Scorpio which rules sex so there’s that too but what is sex if not, well, what is it? Libra says it’s a lovely pleasure. But Pluto going direct wants more, much more than a pretty moan. Pluto wants to own you. That’s the energy we’re dealing with here, so it’s time. It’s time to face this instinct, or the lack of it, in yourself. Are you playing for keeps? Or could you care less? Where do you stand?

Ultimately this is what every Pluto transit is about, after the dust settles: to die so completely to who you were before that you must ask yourself: who am I now? And before you even hear the answer, you know.

Jupiter enters Scorpio next month and in honor of this transit I will be doing a 4-week Jupiter in Scorpio on-line course! We will discuss the meaning of Jupiter, the meaning of Scorpio (and Scorpio’s rulers, Mars and Pluto) as well as look at your individual charts! How will this transit affect the collective and you personally? Enroll and find out! Contact me at for more information.

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