The Millennial Witch: Mabon and Equality

The Millennial Witch: Mabon and Equality September 17, 2018

One of the first Sabbats I celebrated as a Wiccan was Mabon. Alone in my room with a storm brewing outside, I lit a candle and called upon the Goddess and the aspects of the equinox to guide me. Now, to me, Mabon is all about equality. Not only are day and night equal, but we as witches, pagans, and wiccans are also equal. The world is shifting, we all know this. Mabon is a time of change, with the old dying and the new seeds sown. Let’s plant our seeds of equality and keep them safe through the harsh winter.

“Autumn landscape / Autumn Landscape with Four Trees” by Vincent Van Gogh. From WikiMedia.

Respecting and supporting each other is the groundwork for new beginnings. Us witches, we know the struggle of discrimination, fear of persecution, and being denied our basic rights as beings of the earth. Mabon reminds us to give thanks, celebrate yourself as you are, and to enjoy all the efforts you have put forth. But, what if your efforts were hindered? What if someone along your path, along the way, stopped or discriminated you? Take the advice from the Dalai Lama , and let love and compassion guide the way. Brush off that broom, and take flight upon the thoughts that you are just as important as anyone else. Even though some people may not believe you deserve to be treated fairly, as long as you understand you should be, that is what is most important.

Dark Goddesses are often worshiped around Mabon, or on Mabon. Typically crone-like, Dark Goddesses remind us that there are mysteries we might not understand and might never understand. When you have lived a long time, you come to realize that not everyone will be as open or empathic as you. And that’s okay! The Crone Mother gives a biscuit to all those who come through her door, a cup of tea to warm their bones, and the harshest advice that you definitely need to hear. Never forget that when you call upon a Dark Goddess, she will make sure you get what you NEED and not what you WANT.

Mabon is like our Thanksgiving. On Thanksgiving, all family and friends gather together to celebrate and give thanks, surrounding themselves with food, love, and family traditions (and football). I enjoy baking a pumpkin cheesecake, drinking hot chocolate, and watching all of the leaves change colors and fall down. I gather all the bright red, orange, and yellow leaves, decorating my altar and my home. Cinnamon brooms have arrived in stores by now, which are a great smelling tool to bring your home into the autumn season.

We are all magickal workers. We connect with the energies of the universe that help guide us. Mabon is a time to understand our equality, our connections, and our elders. The Second Harvest Festival reminds us, winter is coming! (Insert Game of Thrones Meme Here) I love thinking about all the different things we can do for Mabon, like prepping meals, drinking pumpkin spice lattes (oh yes!), and making different arts and crafts projects. Celebrate your efforts, even though others around you might bring you down. Day and night are equal on Mabon, and so are all of we.

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Melissa, more commonly called Mellie, has been studying religions for over 15 years, with a Bachelor's Degree in Religious Studies marking her triumph. She is also an eclectic witch, having about 13 years of experience with it. She loves to write, having self-published a book of poetry, keeping up a blog and draw/paint, were she has a Patreon to help fund her. She is all over social media, and loves helping or answering any questions people have. Y You can read more about the author here.

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