Cross and Crossroads: Hexing for Social Justice

Cross and Crossroads: Hexing for Social Justice May 29, 2020

For those of you who have been following me for a while, you may remember that my very first article here on Patheos was a guide to using magic for social justice. Now more than ever, it’s imperative that we understand how to use our magic to its fullest capacity in order to create change in our society. I woke up this morning to several messages from people asking me to help them put together a proper hex against the oppressors who seem to be running amok in this country. This has prompted me to revisit my first article with heightened intensity. Here we will discuss the necessary strategy, and things to consider when it comes to magical combat on a social justice battlefield. Let’s begin.

Don’t talk about witch club. Photo by SamWilliamsPhoto via Pixabay.

#1) The first rule of witch club is don’t talk about witch club.

I don’t know how many times I’m going to have to say this but it bears repeating. The biggest, most fatal mistake folks make when it comes to social justice witchcraft is they put it on blast across social media. This immediately prompts prayer circles and special masses to be performed which end up killing your hex before the candles are even lit. Move silently in this work. If you are wanting to cast as a group, hand select them, don’t broadcast out to randoms. Also, yes, we know that you are “loud and proud” but if you want to also be successful, you’ll need to shut your mouth for a minute. Be loud and proud in the streets, and silent in your magic.

#2) Don’t hex in the heat of anger.

Yes, I know that you are angry right now. So am I, and to be honest, we have every right to be angry and to take action. I also know that it seems like a good idea to hex at the height of your anger because it carries a lot of power. That’s true, it is very powerful. However, when we swing around in a blind rage we are apt to swing and miss, or worse get hurt in the process. Rage hexing leads to mistakes. It leads to sloppy intentions that are directed too many places at once. Remember, we are not just hexing; we are hunting. Take a moment to regain your head, and think it through. We have to be smart. This is war, not just a fight. War requires strategy, a plan, and well thought out action. You must gather your tools, maybe gather some team mates. You’re gonna need to do some recon, where you gather photos, names, birthdates, and other things (such as dirt from police stations or foot tracks). You must prepare yourself. Without preparation, there is no winning. Trust me, you’ll still be angry when it comes time to do the work.

Choosing your target is one of the most important steps. Image by Skitterphoto via Pixabay.

#3) Choose your target wisely.

Choosing your target is one of the most important steps. It’s really easy to just lob hexes at Trump and many have been doing so for YEARS which clearly is not working. If anything, it seems to be making things worse (see rule #1). More than that, we need to set our sights lower than the big figureheads in charge. Often going after folks in local government will bear more fruit than going after the president or the head of a corporation. We must focus our hexing on specific individuals in the chain of command where the chain is weakest. It’s easier to go after folks in your local or state government than it is to go after the big guys, and often it’s more effective.

Also, don’t forget that hexes aren’t just for people, they are for things. Sure hexing “all the cops” or “the patriarchy” might seem like a good idea but that’s non-specific. How about hexing the cash flow feeding into a specific precinct? Or hexing the weapons they use? Also what are you hexing them with? Most of you are just sending “bad stuff” their way which is also non-specific. Is it bad luck? Empathy? You must know what it is you are inflicting upon them when you cast. This is all part of choosing your target. Do your research, and strike with purpose where it counts the most.

#4) Break-up work.

Now most of us have heard of break-up spells being used to cause divorce or split up romantic relationships. However, did you know they are for much more than that? They are used to cause turmoil and cause anyone with any type of relationship to break up. This means hate groups, this means police units, and more. If we are to conquer, we need to also divide.

A lot of magic is needed right now. Photo by Robert Strasser via Pixabay.

#5) It doesn’t always have to be a hex.

Sometimes there are better uses for our magic than hexing. A lot of magic is needed right now to protect the protesters as well as the people of color and members of the queer community who are being targeted right now. Protection magic. Road-opening magic to forge a path to victory. Healing magic for the collective. Magic to reveal the underhanded deeds of those in power are also extremely helpful. Many spirits and spells can shed brilliant light onto things to expose those who have a hand in the chaos. Simply bringing things into the light will help them to get fixed. There’re also spells to get folks out of jail who have been wrongly detained. These are all non-hexing alternatives in the fight for justice.

#6) Choosing your team.

If you don’t want to work alone, or feel the task at hand will take more than one person you may need to choose a team. These folks should be screened, vetted, and know what they are doing. You should all have the same goal in mind, and similar methods of working. If you are new to the craft, it’s not a good idea to get together with other new folks and try to stumble through this work. If you are new, group up with pros and learn and listen. Again, avoid broadcasting that you’re looking for an elite team of witch assassins to go after the president. Keep it quiet, move silently.

Take a hyssop bath with salt to get the hex off of you. Photo by Steve Buissinne via Pixabay.

#7) Aftercare.

I’m generally against aftercare when it comes to hexing because people use it incorrectly. Like they ruin Debby from up the street’s life and now they feel they deserve a bubble bath. I don’t like that. However, in this case when you are hexing to save your life or the lives of those you care about, it’s important to have proper after care. First thing is first, take a hyssop bath with salt to get the hex off of you. Hexing is like rolling in the mud; you gotta get clean afterwards. Also, check in with yourself; how are you doing? This is a lot of stress, anger, and emotion to handle in any climate, let alone the raging apocalypse that’s happening around us. Reach out, talk to someone, form a support group. Take care of yourself.


In conclusion, following the above tips you are well on your way to effectively standing up for what is right in an effective and concise manner. Don’t forget to wear a mask as we are still in a pandemic, and above all, have fun.

About J. Allen Cross
J. Allen Cross is a practicing witch of Mexican, Native American, and European descent whose craft was shaped by his Catholic upbringing and mixed family culture. Living in his home state of Oregon, he works as Psychic Medium/Occult Specialist for a well-known Paranormal Investigation team. When he’s not investigating, he enjoys providing spells and potions to his local community, teaching classes for budding witches, and serving up piping hot tea, for his insta-familia. He has looked forward to sharing his love of Folk Magic, and unorthodox spiritual ideas on this platform for some time and hopes you enjoy all that’s to come. You can read more about the author here.
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