Getting That Job is an INSIDE Job

Getting That Job is an INSIDE Job July 15, 2012

We are each born with our own individual vibration which sends signals out to others of like vibrations. Those signals either attract or dismiss situations, events and even people. As we go through life experience, both good and bad, we sometimes become out of sync with our unique signal, such as a radio between stations. The signal is strong when we move into a harmonic place, but once we allow fears or negativity to invade, the signal is reduced. It is deafening to the spirit when the vibration is in its white noise phase, and those between stations may find themselves sad, frustrated and depressed.

Have you ever started talking to a complete stranger while waiting in the checkout line and after just seconds you decided that you really liked that person? Or have you ever gone to a party and was introduced to someone that you right off the bat just didn’t like? You were tuning into vibration. You had no reason to like or not like other than an instant impression, which was actually a sensing of vibration. If your vibration is different than another, you may rub one another the wrong way. Although the vibration is sensed and not notably obvious from a physical standpoint, you may not realize that it is affecting your employment chances. By not being turned in to who you are, or simply creating a façade, you may be attracting the wrong employers or attracting no job at all. Wealth and abundance is a natural state of being, but once negative emotions creep in, you repel the very thing that you want to happen.

How do you change your vibration in order to attract employment?

Wear Bright Clothes

Colors enhance and minimize your vibration by changing your aura. Most people wear black, gray or brown clothing to interviews, but these colors actually mute your vibration and decrease the actual perception you want to reflect. By adding color to your wardrobe, you shift your mood, the mood of those around you and showcase your uniqueness.


Whether in the shower or in the car, singing helps to realign your vibration, make you happy and even laugh. I would suggest that if you use mass transit you skip this one. If your singing voice isn’t appealing it may cause the opposite effect to those around you.


Besides for the obvious positive reasons for exercise, moving your body actually raises your vibration and helps you connect to the now.

Eat Healthy

We feel good when we eat healthy. Simple, right? Not only do healthy foods make us feel good, it resets the vibration. By choosing colors of the rainbows, it realigns the chakras within your energy field.


It doesn’t matter what creative project you decide to do, but do something creative. Paint, color in a coloring book or even garden. By adding creativity to your life, it helps to re-balance you, which will help you think clearer and come up with brighter (pun intended) ideas for your potential employer.


We often lose sight of our goals when the vibrational knob is between stations, so it is important to write down at least ten (10) goals, post them where you see them daily and work on completing them. And when a interviewer asks you what your goals are, you can clearly articulate from your heart and soul what yours are.

Love Yourself

If you don’t love yourself, why should your potential employer? Write down ten (10) things about yourself that shows you are a good person. By reminding yourself of your positive qualities accentuates your vibration to potential employers.

De-clutter Your Life

Chaos breeds chaos. De-clutter your car, your closet, your Facebook, etc. The less you have to carry around emotionally, the easier time you will have to realign your vibration.


Lack of sleep can cause all sorts of issues, mentally, physically and psychically. Although you want to get enough sleep before your interview, it is important to make this your routine.


Whether it is playing piano or taking photos, pursue a passion.  Stop with the excuses of money, time or fear – just do it!


Pay very close attention to your intuition.  How do you feel?  How does your body feel?  What are the thoughts in your mind?  The more you pay attention to those gut feelings, the more you will be able to make positive changes in your life.

Surround yourself with Positive People 

By surrounding yourself with positive people, you expand and grow yourself, and attract more of the same.


Have you always wanted to be a wedding photographer?  Call and ask a wedding photographer if you can shadow them.  Sometimes we get some unrealistic views and fairy tale notions.

Pay It Forward

It will get good energy flowing for you, and you’ll gain perspective.

Be Honest

Be honest during your interviews and on your resume. If you have had issues with past employment, be honest and explain up front. The exhaustion of deception weighs upon your energy.

Relax, Let Go and Smile

Relax and let go.  Write a letter to your guides/angels if you can’t relax. Meditate. Take a yoga class. Start breathing again. Practicing letting go helps during the interview process and makes you appear confident.

No matter how your employment journey has gone, know that with each interview and each person you meet along the way, that it is a learning tool to help you grow. Once you work on re-aligning to your true self, your dream job will present itself.


Kristy Robinett is a world-renowned professional psychic medium, revolutionary speaker and intuitive consultant. She is a masterful teacher who believes in empowering others in order for them to ignite the light within so that the fire of inspiration and growth continues on.  

Kristy has a strong foundation in business, human resources, and career issues and has coached a blushing clientele of Who’s Who in Hollywood along with a variance of professions such as law enforcement, clergy, politicians, physicians, attorneys, domestic goddesses, professional athletes and celebrities. Kristy has spent well over 15 years in the Human Resources field where she was successful in motivating and inspiring employees during the best and the worst of economic times.  Kristy helps businesses develop marketing strategies, focus their resources and personnel for optimum productivity and pursue new endeavors and passions. 

It’s Kristy’s down to earth style, honesty, sense of humor and warmth that makes her a sought out consultant and speaker.

Visit her at

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