Believing is SEEING

Believing is SEEING October 3, 2012

I am very honored and grateful for the support of Lori Weiss and Marlo Thomas for sharing my life story with the world on the Huffington Post today – “After Years Of Secrecy, A Psychic Begins Solving Crimes”.

“Are you sure you want to come out of the psychic closet?” Lori asked me in the middle of our interview.

She could tell that my emotions were raw and I was beginning to feel a tad bit exposed.  Even though I often say that my life is an open book (look at my Facebook if you don’t believe me), but putting myself and my story out for the entire world to see, and judge, was starting to bring about panic and anxiety. Through some tears, I told Lori that despite some reservations, it was time.

I have turned down many television shows because I was afraid of putting myself on display.  I might be made fun of for my weight, or because of my profession, or because they might not like my hair color. I love being in my office because it is my territory. I love being able to write because I can hide behind that. The exposure of my soul, my story, my life and my very being to be out there for judgment – well, I have always been afraid of that.

Just yesterday I saw a story on a anchor-reporter Jennifer Livingston, who hosts the morning news on WKBT-TV (Channel 8). She received an email from a man who attacked her for being obese and a bad role model. She responded with a video that you can see HERE. In her four-minute on-air response, she accused the man of bullying and said that hundreds of viewers have rallied to her defense.

“You know nothing about me but what you see from the outside,” she said. And she further went on to note that October is anti-bullying month. She urged youngsters to “not let your self-worth be determined by bullies.”

So today as the Huff Post article went live and I saw some responses that varied from ‘Way to go” all the way to “Give me a break!”, I was thankful for Jennifer Livingston and the strength that she had in facing her bully. I was also reminded that there will always be those who won’t believe because they cannot see it. Yet even though they don’t see the wind, they know it is there. Even though they can’t see their cold virus, they don’t they have it, and they may very well believe in a Higher Power, but they don’t see that either.

I urge you during this month of October to come out of your own closet. Maybe you make crazy great banana bread, but you are afraid someone might not like it. Or maybe you have a great voice, but you are afraid of wannabee Simon Cowell’s of the world. Or maybe you haven’t dated because you are afraid you aren’t pretty enough. Let’s take a stand and start this month – by just loving who we are, no matter what, and no matter who might think otherwise. It is time to BELIEVE and it is time to just be YOU.


Kristy Robinett

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