August Scopes

August Scopes August 1, 2013

LUNAR ALERT – The month of August begins with what is called a moon wobble, so if you feel off-centered, overly sensitive and/or moody – you can blame it on the moon. August 6th brings the New Moon in Leo, which makes it an awesome time to start anything new and take huge steps to make your vision a reality. August 20/21 offers a Blue Moon – Blue Moons occur when there are two full moons in one month or if the full moon occurs in two or more of the same sign (which this is the case this month). The moon won’t really be blue (darn-it!). This moon will be in the sign of Aquarius (just as it was last month), and is extra potent to help you eliminate that which isn’t serving you well in your life in order to help bring newness.

***August Scopes***

Aries – March 21 – April 19

Big things begin to happen in your life this month, Aries, whether you are ready or not. The New Moon is on August 6th and it begins to amp up your world in both work, but most of all with love. On August 16th Venus will enter Aries’ house of couples and passion and love will stand center of attention for the month of August. If you are single, it may not be for long. This isn’t just meeting someone, but that perfect someone for you.

The month could end with some hard feelings with a family member. The best thing to do is to just allow yourself to let it go and not fester in the energy of the argument.

August is a great month to try and get organized. Purging your closets will help open yourself up to purging things in your life that has been knocking on your door, but there hasn’t been any room to step in even if you had opened the door.

August’s OracleSKUNK: Silence. This month you may feel as if you have to be on the defense, but instead you should be quiet and listen to what others are saying. You don’t have to make a lot of noise to get what you need right now.


Taurus – April 20 – May 20

August is lined up to be a steady and quiet for you, Taurus. It seems most all of the drama in your life that was dealt you as decided to bug someone else, or you decided to stop overanalyzing it to death, which results in calmness. And Taurus, you deserve that because you work hard. Even when you aren’t working, you are thinking and that can be exhausting also. This month is all about accepting emotional balance, good health, and pure joy into your life. You might want to start a new diet plan or exercise program to help keep that steady, stable throughout the remainder of the year.

Remain open-minded this month to a possible romance that may come differently than you imagined. Even an on-the-job romance can thrive if you both stay professional.

August you will be surrounded by new opportunities to make money. It might not pan out until September, so don’t get too frustrated. You may be thinking of making a large purchase and tempted to dip into your savings, think twice.

August’s Oracle: Cat – Independence. You may feel as if you are walking unsteady and that you have lost your footing. This month is about re-balancing and let go of the darkness that surrounds your heart and soul. Be assured that you have the strength within you.


Gemini – May 21 – June 20

If your health has been an issue lately, or stress has taken a toll, it is now time to allow yourself some recovery time and stop pushing yourself too far. Our minds are quite powerful, Gem, so even gently telling yourself to slow down while your muscles relax will yield some benefits. What is even better, is scheduling an appointment with a dietician, getting back into the gym, maybe taking a culinary class, scheduling a massage or anything else that helps with your creative side, but also the healthier side.

Work will more than likely be intense this month, and it may seem impossible to perform all the tasks that your life seems to demands of you, but it is important to add humor and creativity. There will be many opportunities to make money this month, through the end of the year, Gemini, just don’t sacrifice your health by doing too much.

Relationships seem calmer and more on track in August – except for one factor – finances. It is important to sit down and look over all the bills and talk with your partner about how you see your financial future. You might want to move soon and your partner isn’t aware of your dream. Express it. If you aren’t in a relationship, this month brings sentimental feelings and you might connect with someone from your past.

August’s Oracle: Phoenix – Take Flight – You have had your share of heartache, Gemini, but Phoenix tells you that now is the time to rise from the ashes and do what may seem unimaginable. Everybody and their brother may have told you that you couldn’t succeed – now is the time to not just prove them wrong, but show yourself that you have what it takes. You have a unique path. Take flight.


Cancer – June 21 – July 22

Adventure is your theme for August, Cancer. You will be drawn to go to new places that help you learn something new. And if you are single, this is a great time to meet someone new, or in a relationship, to rekindle your romance by simply spreading your wings to new places and learning new things.

You’re full of new ideas this month, Cancer. These brilliant ideas could turn into a new business venture, with a little intention and effort. Your creative side really wants to come out this month. Don’t disregard seemingly crazy ideas. You never know where the next great cash cow could appear. So pay attention especially around August 6th, when your creative juices are flowing.

This month is especially a good one for you to power down and unplug. Take a quick weekend trip and feel the freedom beneath your feet. Take note, however, that because of the extensive growth you’ve had over the last couple years, your friends and family may feel a little left out of your life. Be careful to not get defensive, but you may want to draw boundaries and do a soul inventory to see who you might want to have in your life.

August’s Oracle : Horse – Freedom – Horse tells you that it is time to dream big. It is also time to make changes in your current relationships. It doesn’t mean removing everybody, just disconnect from anchors that may be securing you to places that aren’t benefiting you.


Leo – July 23 – August 22

There have been many challenges as of late in the romantic department hasn’t there, Leo? Last month you may have found yourself in the middle of many misunderstandings and arguments only ending with you beating yourself up. But this month you will find a sense of serenity. If you are in a relationship you will be making some big decisions. If single, there are many opportunities to find a partner that doesn’t simply fit into your life but someone to share your life with. The biggest thing that you must learn, Leo, is to reconsider your love choices if you have any doubts. Stop feeling sorry for them, after all, that doesn’t spell out love – that is pure charity.

You have a big heart, Leo, and you do strive to take care of others. Whether with love, or with career, you often fight for other’s needs, but you forget your own. This month finds you looking for newfound prosperity – and you finding it. New opportunities are all around you. Just remember that there is strength in numbers, Leo, so networking will help.

You may feel agitated with all of these transformations, so it is important that you spend some time meditating, doing yoga and/or exercising in some way. You might even want to sign up for a class – Zumba, Ballroom Dancing or maybe even bowling. Whatever it is, it is now time to stretch your social circle and have fun doing it.

August’s Oracle: Seahorse – Partners – It is time for you to look carefully at the relationships that you have in your life. If it is unbalanced, look to see if it is something that you might be able to correct or if it is a relationship that might need to be eliminated. This is also the time to look business opportunities. It is now time for you to embrace your destiny.



Virgo – August 23 – September 22

It’s time to swallow your pride and go for it this month, Virgo. August is all about taking initiative and even risks. If you are looking for romance, Virgo, you may have to stop looking for others to be your mind reader and just take some chances. There may also be some healing that needs to be done. As you release any negative feelings, you can begin again with either your current partner or a new partner. Healing yourself is the first step toward romantic bliss, though.

August is about doing the things that you love, including your career path. In the past you’ve been content just getting a paycheck, but it has been some stressful years, Virgo. Money is all good, but loving what you are doing helps to increase your profitability. This month brings you contemplating which route you decide to drive yourself. It may not happen until the end of September, but now is the time for you to plant those seeds.

August also brings travel for you, Virgo, and just in time for your birthday! We all know how much you love travel, but you also have very high expectations. Set down the drama of the month and take this month to learn how to enjoy the simple things. You don’t always have to understand everything.

August’s Oracle: Flamingo – Stand Up For Yourself – If you are going through a tough time, reach out to your friends and family to help you. Flamingos work as team and in Shamanism it is believed that they help teach you how to filter the negative from your life. So if a friend or family member expresses concerns for a love interest, your job or your current life situation – listen. It may sound critical, but they are just being flamingos and teaching you to stand up for yourself and to see clearly what you may have disallowed from your own vision.


Libra – September 23 – October 22

August is a time of evolution in your life as you incorporate life lessons and determine how they will affect you going into the future. Everything seems lighter and filled with promise for you, and the people that you meet this month will become intricate characters in your own life story for the remainder of the year. This is true for career, love relationships and friendships.

For several years now you have yearned for the safety of a good relationship, yet petrified of losing your freedom in the process. August brings clarity for what you want, what you won’t accept and how to obtain it. Once you have laid all your cards on the table, you will be amazed at how relationships will feel much more fulfilled.

Health may be a factor this month, Libra as you may overdo it. Be careful to not  burn yourself out with too much thinking and overanalyzing and make time to rest and relax.

Success is within reach, Libra, but until you realize that you are worthy of receiving it, it will continue to slip through your hands. It’s time to see it as substance and not as fluid. Word of a raise and/or a promotion could happen by the end of the month.

August’s Oracle: Snail – Slow Down – Life has been too chaotic for you, Libra, this month asks that you slow it down. Through life’s chaos, you have built a shell around you and stopped trusting your own instincts. Now is the time for you to be still, slow down, and re-define the core of the person that you are.


Scorpio – October 23 – November 21

You are so psychic right now, Scorpio, that your friends and family don’t even need to speak words to you – you have the whole book downloaded and read. This can, however, get you into trouble and make you seem like a know-it-all. Now, you may just in fact do know-it-all, but even psychics get it wrong so make sure to talk to your loved ones and not assume, especially your partner. Not in a relationship – this goes the same for you in the dating scene – don’t just read the cover and a few chapters and think that you know how it will end.

Gravitate towards fun in the month of August and maybe even throw a barbeque or wine tasting. This month is about socializing and networking, which will serve you well in all areas of your life. You do know how to communicate and talk, Scorp, and show that off. If you are looking to get published or begin a side job, make sure that you enter into an agreement that isn’t scheduling you out even further than you are, and that the project is something you will enjoy in the future.

Many new projects will arise this month, Scorp, and some important contracts will be signed. It is okay to be nervous. The most important thing is to not procrastinate through the process. You’re headed into a time of luck and possible financial gain, so it’s crucial to minimize distractions.

August’s Oracle : Raven – Practice Patience – Whatever area of your life that you are looking at to change or transform, you need to affirm what you want, but then let go of it, believing that in the right time and the right way it will happen. The saying is that a watched pot never boils. Believe that it will happen and allow time for the blooms to grow.


Sagittarius – November 22 – December 21

You stand up for your beliefs Sag, and you live by them. August is about learning how to trust yourself again. Sometimes you can be flamboyant at times and being overly dramatic. But it is why we love you, Sag. Be confident in yourself as the future will find a way to make your current struggles turn into prosperity – and August could be the month that this happens.

With regards to love relationships, August is a good month to build security. Whether your romantic relationship is new or in a long-term relationship, by the end of August you could indeed make a commitment, whatever that may mean to you. It could be that you move in with your partner, or that you speak your mind. If you are single, this is a wonderful month to not just look for a relationship, but to proclaim to yourself that being loved and loving is important to you and then take action. It could be a long distant relationship, love you find through a matchmaking site or you may meet that special someone through traveling.

August’s Oracle: Peacock – Strut Your Stuff – Many eyes are watching you this month, Sag. Use this month to begin to believe in you again and strut your beautiful stuff.  This would be a good month to take a meditation class or intuition class.



Capricorn – December 22 – January 19

This month has crazy busy written all over it, Cap. From long-distance travel to talks with international people and plans for international travel, and possibly an upcoming move – your mind won’t have time to shut down for awhile. But your ideas are interesting and you are more than capable of manifesting the best for you in your working life, along with personal life. Use your innate passions to help you achieve your wildest dreams. There is no stopping you this month, Cap, you may be surprised how quickly they can come true.

Mars is situated in your house of relationships this month. Mars is the planet of war, and can make for some heated conversations in your personal life. You may have an interaction with a frenemy, or a past love and show your not so pretty side, Capricorn. Be cautioned that this with so many wonderful things happening in and around your life, that you need to not get caught up in the drama as although you might want to prove how right you are, it won’t serve you well. If you are single, this isn’t a great time to start a new relationship – or if you do, just keep it lighthearted and fun. Those in relationships might want to make sure that the words they say don’t have barbed wire around them.

August’s Oracle: Squirrel – Design Your Space – This month is great for talking about new projects, especially if they are creative ones. It is also a good one for redesigning your space, decluttering, having a garage sale and just plain purging. You might also want to take on a painting project, but with Mars in your relationship sector make sure that you aren’t painting everything red which could be a feng shui nightmare and induce arguments and fights in the future. Look for warm colors!


Aquarius   –   January 20 – February 18

The aquamarine stone is one of Aquarius’ birthstones. The mellow, calming blue color connects the sea to Heaven, reflecting it on the water. A mirror or sorts, it helps to reflect who you are and who you want to be. This month is may indeed be less than calm, however I believe that nobody should rule their life by an astrological report or a psychic reading, but instead taking the information and changing your path according to how you want it to be. If someone says that you will be in a bad mood on this and that day, do you focus on that bad mood and thus become that same thing, or do you decide that no matter what you will focus on the good and stay in a happy mood?

August is about taking responsibility for your life in all aspects. If you owe money, make arrangements. If you are upset with family, friends or a love partner, speak up, air it out and let it go. If you are upset with yourself, look at how to make those changes and then actually take the steps to make them. Huge changes are about to happen in your life, Aquarius, and it time for you to reflect on the baggage that you’ve been carrying around with you and taking appropriate measures to either unpack it or throw it away. The choice is yours. It always was.

Emotions will be heightened, which could cause health concerns. Make certain to take care of yourself, Aquarius, in body, mind and spirit. You deserve to be happy. This year has been a roller coaster ride for you, but there has been much more happy than there has been sad – change your focus and look to that.

September brings cooler temperatures and a cooler temperament for you, Aquarius.

August’s Oracle: Dolphin – Keeping Breathing- Everybody needs a release and if this month is intense for you, take some time and just cry. Let it out. Let it go. You may notice how much you stopped loving yourself this month. You may notice how much you stopped

doing the things that you loved to do or stopped spending time with friends and family because of other obligations (work, a partner, etc). Take the time and the energy to find those loves again. Travel is also important for this month, especially to the water. If you cannot afford to travel, find a swimming pool or simply put some sea salt into your bathtub and soak.


Pisces – February 19 – March 20

Everything comes together for you this month, Pisces. And if you said ‘finally’, you might hear even hear an ‘AMEN’ from fellow Pisces. This month is about saying ‘Yes’ to the things that you want and forgetting about all the ‘No’s’ that you have encountered.

“Yes, I want a great relationship!” Wish granted.

“Yes, I want more money!” Wish granted.

“Yes, I want to feel good!” Wish granted.

“Yes, I want to {fill in the blank}!” Wish granted.

There are so many changes coming and you have finally taken the time to see through the illusion of actual and/or perceived obstacles, which has helped you look at what needed to be done in order to incorporate more ‘Yes’ in your life.

If you haven’t seen your doctor, this is a good month to do just that, and start on a new health and exercise regimen. This isn’t like the ones you have done in the past where you moaned and groaned, this is now you getting serious and wanting to feel better in mind, body and spirit.

A creative project comes to fruition by the end of the month and you couldn’t be happier. Not only is there good finances associated with it, there is good people and lots of potential to make this a solid career for you.

Love is in the air for you this month too, Pisces, and you are feeling extra vulnerable and extra sexy. If you are in a partnership, your partner will pick up on your signals and feel calmed and loved by even just your touch. If you are single, potential suitors will be lined up. Just remember to be choosy, because you can and because you deserve it!

August’s Oracle: Pegasus – Soar – Take charge of the shackles that have left you grounded for too long. It is time for you to embrace your creativity and your romantic side and believe in the beauty around, and within you.


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