Not All Who Wander Are Lost – Just Ungrounded

Not All Who Wander Are Lost – Just Ungrounded October 7, 2013

“This is Kristy,” I said answering my phone.

“Kristy Robinett ?” the lady on the other end questioned.

“Yes,” I responded thinking that it was more than likely a salesperson. And since I rarely to none ever answered my phone I was wondering if I was going to regret answering it then.

“Kristy, this is going to sound crazy,” I heard the lady take a deep breathe, “but I think my house is haunted and wonder if you could help me.”

“Wait….let’s start with what your name is,” I smiled into the receiver.

I sensed her smile back. “I’m sorry,” she giggled nervously, “my name is Kim and I live in the Novi, Michigan area.”

I receive calls from all over the United States and Canada with those claiming to be a victim of a haunting. Obviously I can’t travel everywhere, but seeing as Kim was local and I had a couple hours to spare the following day, I grabbed her address and promised to visit her the following day.

“I am so relieved,” she whispered into the receiver. “I feel like I’m going crazy!”

I pulled up to the colonial home that sat in the middle of a nice suburb, put the car in park, turned off the ignition, closed my eyes and grounded myself. The energy around me felt off – scattered even. Grounding, or securing and tethering your energy, is important so that the information received is coming from the proper place. Ever just sat in a room where many people were talking and you felt yourself wander and couldn’t figure out what anyone said? That is being ungrounded. I opened the car door, grabbed my purse, and made my way to the large red front door that was decorated with a beautiful grapevine wreath. I didn’t even have to ring the doorbell when a pretty lady opened the door and introduced herself as Kim and invited me in.

I immediately saw the spirit of a lady that looked like the spitting image of Kim, only older, standing in back of her and smiled. It was a much simpler case than I could have hoped.

I sat across from Kim on her couch in her family room that overlooked a small creek. It was quite peaceful and not at all the way some houses that I have investigated felt.

“My alarm clock continues to go off at 4:30 a.m. every single morning, Kristy. No matter what I do. I even bought a new one and sure enough, it went off too. And my coffee maker has been randomly making coffee. I set it for the morning, but every so often I will be sitting here and I will smell coffee, only to find that the coffee has been brewed.”

I nodded as I looked over at the older lady who was sitting next to Kim smiling mischievously.

“I even called an electrician out who said that there was absolutely nothing wrong. But before he left, he said he heard a whisper and maybe I had a ghost! I laughed because I thought he was joking, but he was dead serious. He gave me your business card.”

I raised my eyebrow and laughed. I always found it interesting as to how people came upon my information.

“Kim, has your mom recently passed away – been gone less than a year?”

Kim looked at me with her large green eyes and nodded.

“She had a stroke, right, and you had to take her off of life support?”

“How did you….?”

“You aren’t being haunted, Kim, you are just getting your hello from Heaven. Mom, who is sitting next to you by the way…”

Kim looked at me and then next to her in hopes she would see her.

“She says that you keep wondering if you did the right thing.”

Kim began to cry and nodded her head. “Oh, yes, I wonder that every night when I go to bed.”

“You did the right thing,” I quietly replied. “So mom is just trying to reassure you of that. As for the coffee, she’s just trying to be helpful. The alarm time has something to do with a birthdate.”

Kim wiped her tears. “My birthdate is April 30th!!”

“So that would just be her saying she’s happy you are her daughter.”

I immediately heard her mom say, “Not all who wander are lost” and I repeated it to Kim who laughed.

“Mom would say that all of the time. Maybe it needs to be changed to “Not all who haunt are ghosts. So it isn’t a ghost?”

“Nope it’s just mom. Recognize her, talk to her, but most of all forgive yourself for what needs no forgiveness – her journey was her journey and you should take no responsibility for it.”

Ninety-five percent of so-called paranormal cases that I am called on to help with tend to not be a ghost at all, but a spirit. Ghosts are those that haven’t crossed over while a spirit is someone who has crossed, but comes to visit. And most of those visiting are family members, friends and sometimes nosy neighbors who may have lived in the house, on that land or near the house and land.

You don’t need a Medium to help you, you just need to connect the dots. If you smell a man’s cologne, is it the same as your father’s or grandfather’s? If you are receiving coins in random places, it is probably a sign from a loved one. Or a bird that sits on your windowsill who won’t leave is more than likely a sign from a loved one on the Other Side who wants you to see the beauty around you. Or maybe you are seeing a repetitive pattern of numbers such as 111 or 222, etc – this isn’t coincidental, but a sign from the Other Side for you. We so often want to go to the dark place or just ignore it altogether. But once we pay attention, ground ourselves, and awaken all of our senses, most of all our sixth sense, you will find that more than likely it isn’t a ghost, but mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, etc just wanting you to be aware of the afterlife. After all, it isn’t called afterdead, is it?

Kim called me several months later to tell me that the coffee pot still brews by itself every so often, and the alarm goes off, but not as much as before. But most of all she called to tell me that she had forgiven herself and felt comforted in knowing that her mom is still around her. “I think I was just so ungrounded with everything going around that I didn’t take in consideration it was mom!”

Symptoms of being ungrounded  (not to see your doctor and to use common sense as some of these symptoms can be caused by a medical condition):

  • anxiety with no cause
  • cannot focus
  • sudden dizziness
  • falling asleep while meditating
  • inability to sleep
  • heaviness in the body
  • feeling spacey
  • feeing emotional
  • craving sugar
  • wanting to eat just junk food
  • nausea
  • mental confusion
  • inability to focus on simple tasks


5 Ways to Ground Yourself:


  1. Get in Water – Sit in a Hot Tub or Warm Bath
  2. Get into Nature – Hug a Tree, take your Shoes off and Walk, or Garden
  3. Meditate or do Pilates or Yoga
  4. Utilize Crystals to Ground You – Smokey Quartz, Black Tourmaline, Hematite to name a few
  5. Eat Raw Foods

So whether you are feeling ungrounded, or feel as if you are being haunted, remember that not everyone who wanders is lost – including your loved ones on the Other Side. They are just stopping in to say hello.



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