The Missing

The Missing October 14, 2013

Ever since I was a little girl I loved True Crime with Ann Rule’s books being my favorite. I would have a notebook next to me as I read and jot down my psychic impressions to see if what I received was  right, what I received was wrong and what I needed to improve upon. You can read more of why I started on police cases in True Crime in my book Messenger Between Worlds: True Stories from a Psychic Medium.

When I took the plunge and decided to call my gift a gift instead of a curse I soon found myself working with police departments; first local and then word got around and I started working with law enforcement agencies around the United States and even some private investigators. I was a psychic renegade and I had intentions on saving everyone, finding all the missing people, and pointing out the criminals to police. I was using my gift for good. Except I didn’t have a cape. Darnit. And I was making some really bad mistakes. Not in my impressions or the information I was given, but in the way that I was going about things. I have learned a lot since then.

An astonishing 2,300 Americans are reported missing every day, including both adults and children. A day. I realized quickly that I didn’t have super powers and the gift that I did have wasn’t well received by everyone. I couldn’t save everyone, unfortunately. It was an awakening that stung, and still does, especially when I receive more than 10 calls or emails each month asking me to assist in a missing persons case, and 9 out of 10 calls aren’t from family members but total strangers asking why I can’t just snap my fingers, wiggle my nose and point to the location.

Through my tried and true psychic detective work I found out that I had to gather guidelines in order to stay sane and safe myself. The biggest is that I will only work if the law enforcement contacts me and is willing to work with me. Why?

  • Shared information. I am okay with being tested, but I need the police to be on my side in some way, shape and form. If I don’t have them on my side then it is frustrating for me (and the families) to get the information, give the information, and for it to just sit there. Also, sometimes the information that I receive doesn’t make sense, but you put what they have together with my information and it completes the puzzle.
  •  For safety. I will only work with law enforcement on cases because I have been in situations where the criminal came after me and my family and I need their help in protecting me and understanding why I need protection.
  •  I won’t step on toes. I will only work with law enforcement because they work their tail off. It isn’t like 48 hours. It sometimes takes years and I am in no way taking over their job, I am just a tool for them.
  •  Payment. I don’t take any payment on police cases. They will typically pay for my travel if I have to travel, but just like you, my bills need to be paid and I can’t work for free.
  •  Energy. It takes a lot of energy and a lot of stress on both me and my family. I can only take a handful of cases a year because of this.

I talk to those on the Other Side and there is a lot of times I receive inquiries to help with a missing person’s case but I can’t contact them. This is a good thing. It means they are alive and it is a whole other part of the gift to point to location. With sex trades on the increase, this seems to be the normal when it comes to girls under the age of thirty who’ve gone missing.

In early 2014 Investigation Discovery will air a show on a case that I worked on and it should explain a bit more of how I work. And in Marlo Thomas’ Huffington Post column it explains more (you can read that here). There are many psychics and mediums who claim to be psychic detectives and work with the police – and they don’t. They may have shared information with the police at one time, but just because you go to the bank doesn’t mean you own it. So if you do have a case and are in search of someone, please be careful that they are legitimate and have referrals. Those in this predicament tend to be desperate to find their loved one, and understandable, but please don’t throw your bank account at someone making ridiculous claims. Use common sense, and ask your detective if they can recommend someone or if they are willing to add a psychic to their team. But be careful because some may take that as an insult. After all, by asking for a psychic you are saying you don’t have faith in the police.

Unfortunately I learned that I cannot take all cases, even if the police ask. And as much as a family or friend of the family begs me, I have to refuse and again state that I need the department’s a-okay.

So many go missing each day, but as a society we can help. You don’t have to be a professional psychic or medium. Get your nose out of your smart phone and instead look around you. Look at your neighbors, your coworkers, the people you pass in the street, etc. Stay aware and alert. And always, always, report something odd or strange even if you think the police might think you are nuts. They have to check out every tip and who knows, maybe it is your tip that saves a life.


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