Batman v Superman and Good Friday

Batman v Superman and Good Friday March 25, 2016

ahero {Minor Spoilers} I married a Batman fanatic. I knew his issue when we started dating, but since the filming of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice a couple years back, Chuck’s addiction has intensified. So last night’s premier of the movie was like Christmas for him. For me, just pure entertainment and unexpected perspective.

A sold out crowd mixed with all demographics (including a 6 month old baby – who brings a BABY?) wearing t-shirts, capes, and masks depicting their chosen hero put on their 3D glasses and cheered as the long awaited movie began. I’m from Detroit where parts of the movie was filmed so it was fun to see familiar roads and buildings in the opening scenes, even if they were being destroyed.

Superhero movies/television shows are pretty simple. There’s a superhero and a villain who wants to destroy the superhero. Superman V Batman tried to make it a bit more complex with a hero wanting to destroy another hero, and a villain and wanting to destroy them both.  Bruce Wayne (Batman),  Gotham City’s vigilante, fears the Metropolis god-like alien Superman savior. Wayne is concerned that Superman is not a hero at all, but a menace and a potential threat to not just his world, but others too, and takes it upon himself to stop what he sees as a threat. The villain, Lex Luther, who was more Joker-esk with his spastic mannerisms, sloppy dressed and out of control hair  than the original comic book depicted genius, illegally imports Kryponite  and causes death and destruction to all who try to stop him. Luther takes advantage of the egos and puts humanity in greater danger all the while pitting Batman against Superman and Superman against Batman. Or tries.

As the battle scenes happen the crowd once again cheered as if they were at a boxing match. Superman is thrown across the room and Batman lovers roared. Batman is thrown across the room and Superman lovers cheered. All the while I’m horrified. Remember, I just married into the comic book world. I’m not sure Batman V Superman was supposed to be as philosophical as I translated it to be. Despite the crazy action, there were moments that made me ponder my life and the life around me. As the movie theater supported their hero, I wondered if anyone really wanted a hero or did they really just want to see that hero fail so they could feel better about themselves not having a certain attribute (super power)? It was something I wanted to ask Bruce Wayne when he refused to talk to Clark Kent and again when Batman refused to talk to Superman. When I woke up this morning, Good Friday, I was still analyzing it. How many cheered as Jesus was nailed to the cross?  I’m sure many. What isn’t understood is so often feared, and yet taking time to communicate and understand could be life changing, but assumptions are made and fear turns people ugly.

Back to the movie. I thought Ben Affleck did an okay job, albeit I kept saying I felt that he was flat. My husband said Batman is supposed to be, but I saw the same flatness in Bruce Wayne and I wondered if it was his acting, the directing or the marital problems he was having while he filmed. I admit I have a crush on Henry Cavill/Superman and thought he also did a good job, with some sweet moments that we are used to with our past Supermen. I honestly thought Wonder Women, Gal Gadot, stole the movie and there were hints to the Justice League and cameos to The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg. The movie was entertaining, but long.  I also wasn’t a fan of all the guns and violence, it was a superhero movie, not the ten-0-clock news. What I did get out of the movie, though, was some personal perspective. Not everyone wants to understand or learn. Most just want to assume and destroy. There will always be villains, but it’s up to you whether you allow them into your world. There are heroes too. If the heroes work together, watch out, but check the pride and check the ego or else everyone looks dumb.

Good Friday to you.


Kristy Robinett


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