A Sagittarius Monday

A Sagittarius Monday February 20, 2017

youdonthavetoaMaya Angelou said that “There’s a world of difference between truth and facts. Facts can obscure the truth.”

Today we welcome in the Sagittarius energy which tackles the truths and perceived truths in our lives, uncovering and releasing, which can cause some heated and negative energy. The best thing to do is to just allow yourself to let it go and not fester in the energy of the argument. Sometimes the ‘letting go’ is blocking and unfriending. You won’t always be liked. You won’t always see eye to eye. And sometimes it’s best to simply step away and not allow someones dirt to get your dirty. Believe me when I say you deserve to be loved, not ridiculed. You deserve to be supported, not hated on. Those who feel the need to be snarky, negative, or hateful in the name of whatever stance they are supporting at the moment is not helping anything, only spreading more negativity. You have the choice to help spread that or to send them love, take the high road, and step away. A lack of boundaries invites in disrespect. Love yourself enough to know when the waters are muddied so you can’t see how deep it is and find yourself wondering why they aren’t sending you a life jacket.





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